Nuke Cairo

How Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty almost caused World War III

The sinking of the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 is one of the greatest scandals never told. It also eerily foreshadowed events we are witnessing again today in the Middle East.

On that hot afternoon in the eastern Mediterranean Israel bombed, torpedoed, napalmed and strafed even the lifeboats of a US surveillance ship in a failed false flag attempt to drag America into the Six Day War by deceiving the American public into thinking Egypt had sunk the ship. The ship survived and the plan failed, although 34 American crew members did not.

Israel used unmarked warplanes for the attack, which lasted two hours and involved navy ships as well as jets. For seventeen hours, the ship was left without aid from US forces in the region. Planes dispatched to assist were twice recalled by Washington.

According to Roger Stone, of recent Infowars fame, LBJ ordered the Israelis to attack and sink the USS Liberty to provide a justification for war against Nasser of Egypt, who had drifted closer to the USSR over the previous decade. LBJ was also willing to provoke World War III in order to raise his flagging popularity back home. If it’s true, as Stone alleges, that LBJ was closely involved in the plot to assassinate JFK, it’s plausible. It seems some men just want to watch the world burn.

It is indisputable that LBJ was one sick sonofabitch. Regardless, however, US ally Israel intentionally attacked the American surveillance ship, and brazenly claimed it was an accident afterward. And they’ve never been held accountable.

Defenders of Israel would no doubt prefer the narrative that LBJ commanded the Israelis to carry out the strike. This gets us back to the perennial six million dollar question: Who rules who?

FOX news

Even more shocking to anyone watching events today unfolding in Syria, LBJ had ordered nuclear-armed bombers to strike Cairo. According to Moe Schafer, a survivor of the attack on the Liberty, Sixth Fleet Commander William I. Martin told him as much.

Not only did Admiral Martin tell me that four jets were on their way to the Liberty with conventional weapons [and were recalled]; he stated that four were on their way to Cairo loaded with nuclear weapons. He stated they were three minutes from bombing them [the Egyptians].He also said that the jets could not land back on the carrier with nuclear arms and they had had to land in Athens. He stated this from my bedside while on the Little Rock [the codename of the flagship] after the attack.” Lyndon Johnson had sent planes with nuclear payloads to bomb Cairo and they were turned around 3 minutes before World War III was going to begin.

Only when word reached Washington that the ship had survived and that the sailors would be able to identify Israel and not Egypt as the attacker, did Defence Secretary Robert McNamara recall the nuclear bombers headed to Cairo.

Had the US nuked Egypt, a Soviet ally, the Russians would have responded with a nuclear strike on either the US or one of its allies. This would have precipitated nuclear armageddon.

And no-one except a few pilots and some deep state psychopaths knew.

According to Jim Nanjo, a B-52 pilot stationed in San Diego whose unit flew bombers with nuclear warheads, the entire unit was on standby at the time of the attack on the Liberty. The order for this could only have come from the president, and the only other time that happened was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. His account can be read in the book Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Almost Caused World War III by Peter Hounam. Hounam, a BBC investigative journalist, makes it clear in his 2003 book that Israel was to blame for the attack, with cooperation from the Johnson White House and what we now call the deep state.

Operation Cyanide

Hounam’s full account and investigative work talking to participants directly involved reveals the distortions in Stone’s anti-LBJ hack piece. Stone emphatically denies that Israel was responsible. He’s a liar.

An intriguing element of Nanjo’s account of events that day is the timing. The B-52 pilots were awakened by sirens and put on stand-by an hour before the USS LIberty was attacked. LBJ himself was a lifelong Zionist and had close personal connections to the Israeli military, intelligence and political elite. The attack was co-ordinated between Tel Aviv and Washington, and although the LBJ White House had plotted with the Israelis, it was the Israelis who were all too willing to carry out the attack and provoke World War III in order to fulfill their mad Zionist ambitions.

Just like they are today with the creation of ISIS by Mossad and the CIA, false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria and a relentless propaganda campaign to prompt the Zionist Trump White House to war with Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

Daniella Greenbaum
Just a cohencidence.

Ever since that traitorous attack on US forces in 1967, Israeli propaganda operatives have published articles seeking to obfuscate and redirect attention away from the attack on the USS Liberty. The usual scapegoat for their disinfo tactics is, of course, Russia.

Israeli agitprop
More cohencidences.

The Greater Israel project of Jewish ethno-religious supremacists has been creating chaos in Europe, horror in the Middle East and, soon, catastrophe across the planet when these mad dogs of war cause World War III. It is the avowed strategy of the neocons infesting the Trump White House to use the military power of the United States to accomplish their goals. The way to do this is to use false flags to manipulate the American public into yet another Middle Eastern war.

This time, however, Russia and China have forces deployed to fight back.

The mad Zionists and their paid-off puppets in the US weren’t concerned about starting World War III in 1967. Will they be concerned now?

The Israelis have also demonstrated their willingness to switch sides and betray allies time and again in order to achieve their objectives. Perhaps this time it won’t be the Americans they use to provoke the world to war?

Putin backs Israel

Hounam’s investigation into the attack on the Liberty was also made into a BBC documentary. It’s well worth a watch.