Cactus snow

FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE: Media lie about Aus summer highs while Europe, Nth America hit record lows


That’s been pretty much every post coming out of the Bureau of Meteorology and lying media for about a fortnight now. Sure some places have gotten pretty hot, but where we are on the coast has been quite mild for this time of year really.


Remember though: If record lows happen during winter, that’s just weather; but if record highs hit during summer, it’s because you don’t drive a Prius and vote Greens you planet-killing bastard.

Even that uptight male librarian who runs the Greens Party has been pushing that line.

Elderly people dying in their homes because of brownouts during peak summer is just a small price to pay for the globohomo-socialist mocha utopia, I guess.

The NPC’s have been out in force on social media claiming that Victoria and South Australia are experiencing eye-watering electricity prices and rolling brownouts because of electricity privatisation. That’s a lie. But what do you expect? Leftists always lie.

I’m no fan of selling public assets to crooked foreign entities who aren’t accountable to the public, but that’s a red herring. A distraction. It’s not the issue. Japan starting privatising their electricity sector a few years back as well. How are they doing?

Tokyo street lights

Oh. And that’s even after they had the worst nuclear plant catastrophe since Chernobyl.

The reason babies and the elderly are at risk due to the heat in this country right now as I write is because we have not built coal-fired power stations in this country for decades. And the reason we haven’t is because of the eco-socialist global warming ideology of these utopian watermelon Fruit Loops on the political left.

It’s also a lie that this heatwave is leading to record high temperatures. Australia is a hot country. It always has been. In Sydney in 1939, temperatures over 50C (122F) were recorded at Windsor Observatory. In 1896, a 24-day heatwave on the east coast saw temperatures climb to 49C and killed 437 people. The temperatures we’ve had this week, while high in the central south of the continent, are not at all unprecedented.

High temps Australia


So while the east coast where we are is cozy, and central Australia is having a hot summer, WA is veritably chilly.

WA winter

Looks like a mixed-bag of summer to me. Maybe we don’t need to go without dishwashers after all, eh Dick?

Shove it Dick

And his genocidal elitism, perhaps.

If the Bureau of Meteorology and the globalist media really cared about telling you the truth regarding climate changes that are happening on our planet, they’d be talking about what’s going on in the northern hemisphere.

Because up there, temperature records are really being broken. It’s brass monkeys right now. And it’s only getting worse.

BBC snow

Canada cold front

As I have written many times before on these pages, the solar system has entered a Grand Solar Minimum. This is a regular cycle in the energy output of the sun, and leads to changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere, cloud formation, volcanic activity, weather patterns and ultimately temperatures. These Grand Solar Minima have caused ice ages and warming periods in the past, and we are on the cusp now of entering a multi-decade mini ice age.

Unfortunately for us, the speed with which solar output has dropped over the past two years has astonished even solar astrophysicists.

Climate cycles are natural

The derisive and dishonest response of the establishment media to the growing awareness of the Grand Solar Minimum among the public shows that the people who tell the people who tell the people what to write and say in the media knew that this was coming. They knew. That’s why they’re telling the gormless fools they pay to write to mock any mention of the global cooling which is so evident this northern hemisphere winter.

Guardian lies

They know that once the public understands the mechanism of the Grand Solar Minimum, how the decreased solar output affects the planet’s magnetosphere and thus climate, there will be hell to pay for the globalist cabal who deceived the whole world. So they’re putting out disinfo as fast as they can.

Earth's magnetosphere

The bastards. They know. They’ve known for a long time, and they obscured the catastrophic global cooling which is coming in order to achieve their dream of global depopulation, global socialism and global government. It’s the only explanation for why they’re still covering up the truth.

Maybe they figured that telling the public was a lose-lose proposition for them, that people would turn against the elites and seek their own solutions to the imminent chaos. Maybe they realised that the global debt plantation they own and manage would fall apart if people realised that all of the apparent prosperity which fuels the debt orgy that keeps the masses enslaved was about to disappear. Maybe the cabal who run our finance system, governments, media and academe let their greed get in the good way of good human husbandry, and kicked the can down the road. Maybe they don’t have a plan at all.

Whatever the reason, we are on the precipice now of upheaval, famine, war, pestilence and revolution. We can see it beginning everywhere. For those of us of faith, it is a sign of the end. For all of us, it is also a sign of a new beginning, once we’re through.

There is nothing new under the sun, and nothing new from it. This cycle is older than history. One pattern is clear from every time this has happened before, too.

The elite who rule in decadence before the collapse do not survive the apocalypse. No matter how well they lie.

Their days are numbered.