Globalism = Socialism = Satanism

Since the French Revolution financial oligarchs and their establishment representatives have been pushing to centralize global control under one authority. Each war, revolution and depression has been used in order to bring them closer to achieving their goal. This is more than just a quest for absolute power by a greedy internationalist elite. It is a religious project which desires the complete enslavement and moral corruption of mankind.

After each major conflict of modern history, we have seen the rulers involved come together and pledge to give up national sovereignty in order to secure peace. This is always a deception. The centralization of power away from national governments during the twentieth century was not driven by the will of the people or to improve security. It was a top-down betrayal of the people engineered by a fanatical Luciferian elite.

The endgame of this project for global enslavement is approaching. We can see the battle lines being drawn up between the people of the world on one side and the globalist cabal that controls the institutions, central banks and political systems of the world on the other. Just as foretold in Christian and Islamic scriptures, the focus of the conflict will be in the Middle East and particularly around Israel.

Whether you believe the Bible or not is unimportant. They do. The Luciferian religion has very specific beliefs, although these have been concealed from view to most of the population until very recently.

This religion believes that Lucifer was punished by the Creator for bringing technology and science to humanity. It is a twisted and confused set of doctrines that sees Satan, not Jesus, as the saviour of humanity. This Luciferian elite looks forward to a technocratic slave state with themselves at the head controlling a depopulated world of submissive and ignorant proles.

The origins of this religion go back to ancient Egypt and the Greek mystery cults of antiquity. In these cults, members would be initiated into philosophical mysteries which initiates believed granted them power and wisdom.

With the coming of Christianity, these mystery cults and their beliefs went underground and absorbed Christian heresies as well as Eastern doctrines. During the Middle Ages they were passed down secretly as gnostic knowledge. With the coming of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, these occult beliefs and practices spread throughout the secret societies which sprouted up in Europe and North America. They continue to spread via secret societies and elite organizations to this day.

The Enlightenment doctrines which have been spread widely through organizations such as the Royal Society and the universities are not the beliefs of the Luciferian elite. They are deceptions which were designed to make modern man ignorant, foolish and depraved. These doctrines, such as radical scepticism, relativism and scientific materialism, destroy the capacity for wisdom by denying any metaphysical foundations of reality for modern man.

These ways of thinking now form the worldview of most people around the world. They have made modern man believe that only the physical world is real and that he can invent his own standards for morality and truth. This makes him hopelessly enslaved to his own senses and to the propaganda of the elites.

His enslavement is further secured by his indebtedness to banking interests which are ultimately controlled by the financial elite.

The globalist template was laid out by Plato in his book The Republic two and a half thousand years ago. Plato described a state in which all change has been arrested and a few at the top use myths and terror to rule the many below. Imagine a pyramid with a tiny godlike elite having absolute power over every individual on the planet. A society with no hope and no escape. This is the globalists’ ultimate objective.

As the globalists creep ever closer to achieving their objectives, they are bringing their dark religion out into the open. We have witnessed disturbing rituals at CERN, as well as outright Satanic imagery during a tunnel opening in Switzerland. These are not simply meaningless pageants put on for a decadent multicultural elite. They are rituals with a specific religious purpose.

The difference between the Luciferian elite and Christians is that these madmen have embraced evil. They think Christians are naïve fools. They also believe they can defeat God. This is what makes them so bold and so fanatical. Their insanity has now brought the world to the brink of nuclear destruction as part of their tyrannical agenda.

Luciferian influence over American culture, government and society is everywhere. Gnostic themes are put into seemingly Biblical movies such as Noah, and predictive programming is used in all large Hollywood blockbusters in order to inoculate the masses to prepare them for the globalist agenda. The reporters and senior journalists that Americans look to for their news and views are often Deep State operatives with links to the globalist agenda.

In order to ensure control of the future, the twisted Hollywood elite groom and traumatize talented children such as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears in order to pervert and demoralize the next generation of our youth. The crooked establishment has been able to do this due to the good nature of everyday Americans who take things at face value and trust their national institutions.

The globalists believe that the final battle against the Creator is coming soon. Like many Muslims and Christians, the globalists believe the end times are at hand. This is what they been preparing for over the centuries. They are not going to back down now, no matter what the cost for humanity.

The Bible tells us clearly in Psalm 2 and Genesis 11 that the Luciferian elite which seeks to remove the moral law of God and bring all humanity under the control of a fanatical religious hierarchy will fail. Even if you are not a believer in Jesus, the agenda of the globalist cabal remains the same. The moral decay of America has not been accidental. It is being done intentionally, hidden in plain sight. The elite pursuing this agenda has been able to do it due to the trusting nature of an American population distracted by entertainment and propaganda. It is time for the American people to wake up to the realities of globalism and fight to restore national sovereignty, as God intended it. The entire world is counting on it.