Civilizationism is a political philosophy derived from libertarian, paleoconservative and neoreactionary ideas. It represents my thinking just prior to accepting the final redpill on what group is behind the existential crises our civilisation is facing. Having taken that redpill, I’d probably be kinder to what Hitler and the German NSDAP were trying to achieve. It’s like peeling an onion, only to find that the onion gets bigger, rather than smaller, each time. Like Wonderland.

I have also come to accept that white nationalism, grounded in our Christian heritage and informed by scientific truths long-suppressed, can provide a unifying force strong enough to push back against globalism. The movement, when it comes, will be blood and soil. My fear is that our racial enemies, cunning and ruthless as always, will find ways to hijack the movement and use it for their own ends. That’s what they always do. I also now see the book as naive regarding whether the West can, or perhaps even should, be saved. Its time is over. Our best days are long gone. The West will die, and in the flames be cleansed and reborn. The end will be the beginning.

You can get a copy of the book for free at the link below.

David Hilton (formerly Moses Apostaticus)