Where did National Socialist ideology go after the Russians stormed the bunker in Berlin and the Austrian mustachioed maestro of mayhem was no more? Did it just disappear into the crisp Nordic air? Did it also die in that grotty bunker? How was it that, after the war, so few people in Europe had ever been Nazis at all?

Nazi ideology didn’t disappear after the war; it mutated. Ever since the French Revolution at least, strains of the socialist virus have been mutating and evolving to keep one step ahead of our civilisational antibodies. The utopian ideology of collectivist equality has wreaked unfathomable destruction since its replacement of Christianity and other metaphysical faiths as it spread throughout the world in the modern period. It first found its form in the writings of Rousseau, gained a messiah in Marx and found its footsoldiers in the tenured radicals and brainwashed university graduates of the twentieth century. This intellectual virus absorbs concepts and ideas from other philosophies and integrates them into the primary falsehoods of socialist doctrine, applying them to new contexts in new ways. In this way it conceals its tracks as it marches ever forward to the utopia of global equality, grinding millions as it goes. It is intellectual ebola.

One of the many ways we can see that today’s leftists are actually inverted Nazis is by seeing that they will always use that term whenever they encounter someone who points out reality to discredit their ridiculous claims. As Vox Day has wisely pointed out, SJW’s always project.

Leftists will scoff at the notion that Nazism is a movement of the left. Their dogma has indoctrinated them thus. They are wrong. Fascism and national socialism are a mutation of Marxism-Leninism. Where Marxism-Leninism bases its categories of humanity on class, Nazism bases them on race. It is the only salient distinction. Otherwise they are identical. At the root of both ideologies you will find the mentality of grievance, the hatred of achievement and the envy of prosperity which characterises all leftist doctrines. The mentality of all forms of leftism is that of Lucifer: resentment, pride and envy. Mussolini, who led the development of fascist ideology in Italy in the early 1920’s, was raised by socialist parents and was leader of the Italian Socialist Party in his youth. Without going into tedious detail, Mussolini fused syndicalism (a form of socialism which emphasised centralisation of industries to compete with capitalism) with nationalism and a myth of Roman greatness to create fascism. The term ‘fascism’ comes from the Latin fasces, the bundle of rods surrounding an axe which was carried by Roman lictors (officers who proceeded in front of Roman political officials who had legal authority).

This is a picture of how socialism mutates and evolves to deceive mankind. Communists and fascists fought each other throughout the interwar period in Italy, Spain, Germany and elsewhere. The left used this after the war to portray fascism as a movement of the right. It’s nonsense. The fight between communism and fascism in the interwar period was a civil war within socialism to determine which form of leftism would dominate Europe. Due to Western assistance, communism won and Europe suffocated under its totalitarian grip for the next fifty years until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The mutation of socialist ideology into fascism in Germany followed a similar trajectory. Bolshevism was rightly feared by many Germans, and there was a profound wound in the national psyche following the futile sacrifices of World War I. As Germany did not have an august Roman past to mythologise, the emphasis of German fascism became race with some Teutonic imagery and Norse religion thrown in. Scientific racism was fairly well-established in the developed world, so it was not difficult to integrate theories of race to form national socialism. Integrating woolly philosophy from the nonsensical writings of Nietzsche, intellectuals such as Heidegger helped to incubate Nazi ideology and posit it as an alternative to Russian Bolshevism. It was a false dichotomy; in reality the differences between them were largely cosmetic. Both were founded on equalitarianism, collectivism, resentment and utopianism. By the time of Stalin, Bolshevism had become just as nationalistic as Nazism was in Germany anyway. On the Continent, World War II was not a war for freedom or liberty in any sense. It was a socialist civil war, with the Western allies assisting international socialism to defeat the forces of national socialism. Looked at from the perspective of a liberty-loving Westerner we lost the war as much as the Germans did, and the tentacles of totalitarianism strengthened their grip across the Atlantic as a result.

I will not spend a long time here outlining the development of Cultural Marxist ideology by the thinkers of the Frankfurt School and its spread to the United States. Suffice it to say, Jewish Marxist intellectuals worked during the interwar period to develop a cultural form of Marxism which could be used to break down Western cultural obstacles to the acceptance of Marxist ideology. They built upon the work of Antonio Gramsci, imprisoned by Mussolini throughout the 20’s, to do so. The result of their work was the application of critical theory, deconstruction and political correctness to identity politics giving us the delights of Third Wave feminism, post-colonialism, queer theory and black studies. For a more thorough and enlightening background to Cultural Marxism, see the work of Rocking MrE on YouTube.

The socialism mutation that the thinkers of the Frankfurt School and their acolytes developed was quite ingenious. Being Jews and devoted Marxists, they hated Nazism. It was a heresy of the faith for them. They therefore integrated the theories of Freud, Jung and others and inverted elements of Nazism to make it white-hating instead of white supremacist. They maintained the base elements of Nazism – obsession with race and identity, a narrative of historical grievance and injustice and the usual utopian historical determinism – but rather than it celebrating European superiority it denigrated European atrocities. For the Cultural Marxist, white men have been the oppressors, the rapists, the enslavers of the rest of humanity. Where Nazism put a sword in the hand of every German man, Cultural Marxism puts a sword in the belly of every European man. To be a white male is the original sin of this denomination of the leftist religion.

Lovely day for it (Ascona, c.1900)
Lovely day for it (Ascona, c.1900)

Hippie culture was not born in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco in the 1960’s. It was born in the late nineteenth century in Europe, and emerged out of an infusion of Eastern mysticism into Western gnosticism and a utopian belief in the rejection of modernity. The anticapitalist celebration of barbarism inherent in leftist thinking traces its origins at least back to Rousseau. It breeds ignoble savages of the type which festered throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s, and which today occupy our universities, media and seats of government. At Ascona in Switzerland in the late 19th century, a nudist hippie commune was founded which hosted many of the leading intellectuals and artists of the period – including many prominent Nazis. It traced its cultural origins back to the Lebensreform movement in late 19th century Germany, which spread across Europe and to the West Coast United States in the 20th century, and had adherents in the Nazi Party including Himmler and Hoss. Hitler himself was a vegetarian. The wandervogel movement, which involved getting naked and walking around the countryside, provided the seed for the programs used by the Hitler Youth to breed perfect little Aryans. The spiritual basis for this early hippie culture was provided largely by theosophy, a set of mystical doctrines largely taken from Hinduism and occultism. Aleister Crowley, the infamous populariser of gnostic Satanism, pedophile and murderer, also spent time at Ascona. It was during this time that the common ideological foundations for Nazism, hippie culture and postwar Cultural Marxism were laid. Even the hippie adoption of the Volkswagen as its lifestyle car of choice reflects the common ideological and spiritual origins of hippiedom and Nazism.

When people today think of the hippie movement, the images that will be conjured will usually be of harmless flower children getting stoned and sharing their STD’s and substances in a bedsit. This is only a partial picture of the hippie movement. The late 60’s and the 70’s also spawned a violent and totalitarian student movement on campuses across the Western world, using rallies, vandalism and intimidation in much the same way Hitler’s brownshirts did in 1930’s Germany. Those student movements did not die out in the 1970’s; they seemed to end because they conquered Western education. The bearded, sandal-wearing firebrand campus bullies of the 70’s became the cardigan-wearing passive-aggressive professors of the 90’s and 2000’s. These inverted Nazis dispersed the intellectual weapons of existentialism, deconstructionism, feminist theory, queer studies, African-American studies and post-colonialism which have created the leftist ruling class we have today. It is why we have a sneering, elitist uberclass with totalitarian tendencies that looks with disdain upon the plebs of Western culture governing us. Our rulers are programmed to attack Western civilisation wherever they find it. It is also why they sympathise with the Muslim onslaught and provide intellectual cover for terrorism against the West. If President Barry Soetoro’s refusal to name Islam as the source of terrorism has baffled you, here is why: he’s a Nazi with his racist hatred directed against whites.

We have now had five decades of Cultural Marxist indoctrination of our educated classes, and it is why Western civilisation is on the brink of collapse. The purpose of Cultural Marxism is to destroy Western culture, and it has achieved its aim. The misunderstanding of the origins and nature of Nazism has provided leftists and globalists with the cover to continue Nazi elements into the postwar period. Many of the innovations of the 1936 Nazi Olympics, such as the use of symbolism to reinforce collectivism, have been maintained into our time. Elites in the Western world studied Nazi propaganda techniques after the war, and have implemented many of those approaches to move society towards their globalist one world order. This one world order will not be an Aryan utopia, however; it will be a dysgenic dystopia where traditionalist whites are the despised subhumans.

Western postwar propaganda convinced the disorganised masses that World War II was a triumph of good over evil and that liberty prevailed. It did not. Rather than destroying the Nazi version of the socialist virus, World War II provided the dialectic by which a mutated strain of Nazism could infect Western societies, exploding in an orgy of self-destruction and self-immolation a generation later. Where Nazism couldn’t defeat Western civilisation, postmodern Cultural Marxism is.

The only way to destroy the root virus of socialism is with massive doses of the medicine of reality. Its core delusions must be challenged and destroyed everywhere: that people are born or become equal, that humanity can be understood and spoken about in abstract groupings or categories, that history has a simple narrative of grievance which requires restitution for one or some of these groups and that utopia can be achieved on earth apart from the intervention of heaven. Right-thinking men and women must declare war on these delusions wherever we find them if we are to save the civilisation we love. Western civilisation used to be gallant, virile and worthy; it is now degenerate, vile and ashamed. We are less than what we should be as we’ve succumbed to this succubus of entitlement. We need to kill it or it will kill us, and heaven and earth will mourn.