NYT: ‘White women & the patriarchy monopolise resources for mutual gain’

Dammit they’re onto us, fellow white males.

They know. They’ve figured us out.

All this time it seemed that white women were the primary weapon used by those who hate us to break our will, destroy our families, kill our unborn children, dump the rest in socialist indoctrination centres, drive us out of our jobs and finally flood our countries with a tsunami of weaponised Third Worlders.

When in reality, we were in cahoots with them all along!

We whites are such schemers. Always plotting, conspiring, planning, conniving at how we can screw everyone for our own gain. Laughing at the intellectual inferiority of others. Playing the victim while we screw people even further. And then we get so offended when those we gaslight and oppress make jokes about us.

Oh shit, hang on. Chris Mohney is Jewish. Scratch that.

There must be some projection going on. Or something.

Anyway, where were we. White women are allies of the patriarchy so we can both screw over the swarthies. Big if true. I was pretty sure that whoever controls our media, education systems, entertainment and publishing industries had done a pretty good job of turning white women completely against the patriarchy.

Which, of course, doesn’t exist.

There must be some mistake. The New York Times has been idolised by normies for generations as the Newspaper of RecordTM. Like, if you Google ‘paper of record’, you get a picture of the New York Times.

paper of record

It must be legit, right? Surely there’s no way that this iconic source of information for the post-World War II public was just a neo-Bolshevik front for a cabal intent upon engineering social breakdown by inciting cultural revolution and identity warfare, right? This article has to be a one-off. Let’s see.



More identity Marxism.

More sedition.

Even more identity Marxism.

Yeah I don’t think this was a one-off. These people are agitating for a cultural Marxist revolution against white men, and they’re weaponising white women to do so. And when a few white women fail to be indoctrinated or intimidated into compliance, they vilify them.

The left always accuse cuckservatives of ‘dog-whistling’. It’s projection, of course. All the far left media and entertainment industries do is dog-whistle. The thing about dog whistles, though, is they only work on trained dogs. That’s the purpose of the campuses and classrooms. The kids get the brainwashing and the conditioning in school, so that the triggers are set for the media and the movies to activate. That way, the MSM maintain plausible deniability.

Obama was a master at this. On the surface, his speeches were reasonable. The subtext, however, was designed to activate the millennial land whales to prepare for the revolution. And prepare they did. And now it’s here.

Beta white cuck
For the first time ever, his life had meaning.

These brainwashed and brain-damaged pussy-hat cat ladies are willing dupes for a power which hates them just as much as it hates us. Once they’ve played their role in bringing down white, Christian men, they’ll be vanquished too. The promotions and riches and status they gain along the way will quickly disappear when the forces engineering this social revolution turn the POCs and the gays on them.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a dyslexic, disabled, diseased, transqueer pygmy foot stamping on a human face, forever. With no shoes. Or electricity.

Revolutions like this do not emerge spontaneously. They are not organic. They are astroturfed. They are seeded. There are people behind this, funding it, engineering it, propagandising for it. Who could they be? Who could be so evil, so mad, so obsessively filled with hatred of white Christian civilisation that they spend decades scheming for its downfall?

You Know Who

It’s a complete and utter bloody mystery, mate.

Perhaps we could start with the author of the NYT op-ed exposing how white women are in cahoots with us patriarchalists.


Hmm hard to tell. Whoever these people are who are behind this anti-white revolution, they seem to be in charge there at the New York Times. Maybe that could give us a clue?

Turns out the Sulzberger family has controlled the NY Times since 1896. Is that a German name, perhaps?

Nah, still can’t make out the pattern. It must just be random. After all, how weird would it be to wake up one day and realise that, all your life, a highly motivated and powerful minority had seen themselves as destined to destroy and replace you? That their religion is the dark shadow-image of ours, and inverts everything about the belief system that built the West? That Jesus warned us about this group in his letters to the churches in Revelation? And that this group had created and spread all of the ideologies which made the twentieth century so chaotic, so tragic and so brutal?

That would just be too weird.