Unbearable whiteness

Marxism ruined my breakfast this morning.

We can add that to the list of things it’s ruined, I guess. Russia, China, art, music, Melbourne. It’s a long list.

The wife, boy and I had gone for an early morning hike on a rainforest trail. It had been the perfect start to a day, and so we decided to stop in at a small town cafe afterward to eat. As it turned out, so did a Mexican-American female lawyer and her chubby friend. By the time my bacon eggs benedict arrived, said Latinx had begun a long and tedious lecture to her nodding friend about ‘toxic whiteness’. I kid you not.

“So because all the conquerors were white who brought power and institutionalised violence, this led to a privileging of fair skin over brown skin…”

I’m staring at the hollandaise, keeping it together.

“This happened around the world, in India, South America, Australia, and we’ve still got that legacy mindset, you know…”

Eyes closed doing breathing exercises by now.

“So these narratives of whiteness, based on violence and power, are why we’ve still got a long way to go to achieve equality…”

My wife by this stage is frozen in terror. She knows what I want to do. But I don’t do it. I save it for afterward. In the car. She listens quietly. She’s heard it before.

And then I reflect on the state of things in the current year.

How did we reach a point at which there are millions of zombified Western Marxist minions spouting such hatred against the people who built, and who still nominally anyway own, this country? How did that become normal?

And how did it become abnormal to think that’s unacceptable?

How did this happen?

It must be something a few of us have had time to ponder over this Christmas period. It’s been on Morgoth’s mind as well.

And for those of us who managed to get through schooling and still pick up a skerrick of historical knowledge, it’s deeply, deeply troubling. We know what comes next. This is the type of multi-generational indoctrination you need for a Bolshevik-style revolution to be catalysed. The same financial elite who funded the French, Russian and other revolutions know that it takes years of propaganda and brainwashing to prime the mobs to attack their pre-selected targets. This time though the target is not the French or Russian aristocracy.

It’s white people. Us.

The Duke gets it.

No matter how much you want to deny race realism and human tribalism and stick to your comforting doctrines of civic nationalism, race war is coming. In fact, it’s been happening for 50 years. We’ve just been pretending that it wasn’t. We thought we’d changed the rules of history, and that instead of this being collapse it was the birth of utopia. One day, your grandchildren will look back and see our time as the tipping point, when something which our grandparents took for granted disappeared under a tidal wave of immigration, decadence, moral entropy and indifference. They will look back as on a golden age, which has long passed.

They’re gonna really, really hate us.

As more and more young white men wake up to this mournful reality, they get angry. That’s understandable.

But who do we fight?

Who’s the enemy?

Is our enemy the bold-faced brown thot, spreading her genocidal cult everywhere she goes?

Are our enemies the lecturers and agitators who first initiated her into that cult, giving her a licence to bully and mock the people of the white country she’s a guest in?

Are our enemies the millions of other foreigners who have been brought here to replace us, and have now gained such a foothold that they even have their own turf wars between each other?

It’s vital we get this right. We all on the dissident right agree we are under attack, but if we let ourselves be misdirected into fighting the wrong enemy or worse, fighting each other, we’re doomed. The puppet masters will win again, and we will perish.

The key question we must therefore ask ourselves is this: Who must be defeated in order that this process of demographic, cultural and moral destruction be stopped? The answer to that question is our enemy.

Did those ‘youths of African appearance’ engineer the downfall of the West? Did they create and deploy the ideologies that created the Latinx racial communist who ruined my breakfast?

Probably not. And I think the same group who engineered this situation want us to get angry and fight against the African gangs. They want us agitated against immigrants so we don’t notice the masters pulling the strings in the background.

They want us to get angry at mentally unstable thots repeating CNN talking points in cafes.

They especially want us to get angry at Muslims, who need to be invaded because they don’t love freedom. Or something.

I know you know where I’m going with this. So here’s a surprise.

You fuckin wot m8?

It’s not ‘the Jews’.

It’s understandable why many people are starting to think that it is. Once you start noticing the pattern, you can’t stop. Some of them boast about it.

Their organisations are behind the censorship of dissidents and the marginalisation of white people everywhere.

Those same organisations are also behind the systematic demolition of our customs, traditions and identity as a Christian civilisation.

They are over-represented at the highest echelons of finance…

and use domestic political power in the US to benefit their own ethnic homeland in the Middle East.

They have been behind socialism, communism, classical Marxism and Western Marxism since their beginnings…

Jewish socialism

and remain at the forefront of white demographic replacement to this day.

They have used false historical narratives to prevent whites from maintaining any cultural or moral standards.

They are outrageously over-represented at Ivy League schools in the US, whose admissions offices they control

Nepotism Ivy League

and yet cannot be criticised without damage and ruin to the goy doing so.

They enjoy privileges available to no other group…

and are again over-represented in the porn and smut industries.

Obvious falsehoods about their history cannot be questioned…

Too painful to remember

while those same false historical narratives prevent investigation of topics which might threaten their privileged status.

NWO Jews

All of these things are true, and if you doubt them, an afternoon of honest research will suffice to dispel your doubts.


But they’re not our enemy. Fighting against ‘the Jews’ will get us nowhere; and indeed, it’s what our real enemies want.

For a long time I got stuck on that level of analysis. Once you’ve been doxxed by Antifa, which is run by the Jewish organisations, permanently defamed by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry for a meme and written up by the Jewish-run SPLC, you can get stuck hating. And I did. And it was wrong.

If we fight against ‘the Jews’, we will lose. If that’s your strategy, look at what happened with uncle AH. Not a plan, man. Not a plan at all.

The people behind this agenda will quite happily sacrifice six million sixty million six hundred million shtetl Jews (again?) if necessary to achieve their objectives.

The reality is, the ‘little Jews’ are just as much a victim of this thing as we are. Maybe more. There are even Jews who are working hard to try and expose it to us goyim. They liked the Christian West. They’re what Churchill called nationalist Jews.

Our enemies are the enemies of all humanity. Whatever they are doing to us white Christians now is simply happening to us first. They’ve been bombing and brutalising the Muslims for decades too, and once the West has disappeared under a demographic mudslide the same will happen to East Asia. These people won’t stop until all the world has been ground to dust under their heel. They’ve been planning this for a very, very long time.

So if our enemies are not ‘the Jews’, who are they?

Your answer will depend on your perspective and your belief system. My own belief system is Biblical Christianity, so that’s where my answer to that question begins and ends.

Most people, if pressed on the question, would respond with something like ‘the cabal’. That’s a good place to start.

The word cabal has an interesting, and revealing, etymology.

cabal Kabbalah

It derives from the word ‘Kabbalah’, or Jewish ritual mysticism. I’ve covered the Babylonian Talmud, Kabbalah and the deceptions of Judaism in earlier writings, so I won’t rehash old ground. Essentially, after Christ, Judaism became the vehicle for the Satanic Babylonian mystery religion to perpetuate itself. The Bible calls this the synagogue of Satan, and those who practice it fake Jews (Revelation 2:9, 3:9).

Synagogue of Satan

This Luciferian mystery religion, however, is not just practiced by Jews. If you look carefully at the tenets of Freemasonry, the Ordo Templi Orientis, Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion, theosophy and any other modern secret society, you’ll find Kabbalah and the mystery religion at the heart of them. It’s the spiritual mother of a thousand abominations, and like many Christians, I believe these Satanic secret societies are universally practiced at the highest levels of finance, government, media, academia and entertainment. They’re how Satan rules, and though these people look all-powerful, they are slaves.

Freemasonic commemorative coin 1900

And they’re getting bolder in revealing themselves to a doped and duped populace.

Freemasonic Satanism
Freemasonic 300-year celebration ritual, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2017.

These people are the enemy. Thankfully for us, they’ve already lost. They’ll have power for a short time, but like all minions of the devil, they’ll be thrown down. All temporal power is by definition temporary. If you are in Christ, you’ll be safe for eternity.

In the meantime, I believe they’ll achieve their Great Work of rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem and bringing about the short reign of Satan on this planet (Daniel 9: 25-27). The Bible then tells us Satan himself will turn on his minions and destroy them when he arrives (Matthew 24: 15-16).

As above, so below.

Rothschild cabal