Why Leftists Play the Man & not the Ball

If you’re a crusader for common sense and enjoy debating leftists, stop. It’s a Sysiphean habit that only feeds their delusion. Don’t debate leftists. Attack them morally. It’s the only way we can help with the turning of the tide against them.

As an aside, I know there’s no point trying to beat leftism. It is hegemonic, omnipresent and completely out of control. It will be destroyed only once it has destroyed its host, our civilisation (which will be very soon). The point of defeating leftist ideas, however, is to win undecided spectators over to our side to help with the restoration after the collapse. Also, it’s fun to make leftists hurt.

When dealing with leftists (I guess I’m referring to the current Cultural Marxist iteration of this mental virus – you won’t be dealing with many Marxist-Leninists) the only way to make them bleed is to recognise that you are not dealing with a reality-based thinker. They are not rational (despite their professed worship of rationalism). They are religious fanatics.

Imagine for a moment that you were debating about the status of women with an imam inside his mosque in front of his followers. In Saudi Arabia. This is a good parallel for debating any ‘trigger’ issue with a leftist in the West today, especially at a sacred site such as a university. Would you use reason and evidence and appeal to the authority of statistics or would you make emotional appeals to what is right and proper? I’m guessing you’d go with the second, because all religious views are ultimately premised upon moral foundational statements. When you are fighting with religious people, you need to use moral weapons. Not intellectual ones.

The imam would probably just order the crowd to behead you and parade your corpse down the street then head to a cafe for shisha and coffee. That’s because the morality of Islam is the morality of violence. If you really wanted to mess with them you could walk in with a suicide vest, just for kicks and giggles.

When you are contending with a leftist, you must maintain a laser focus on the unassailable fact that your opponent is the most vile type of degenerate. They celebrate in-utero infanticide. They corrupt children sexually through perverse entertainment. They work tirelessly to keep down the brown races through welfare dependency. They hate all that is good and uplifting and champion all that is degenerate and demoralising. They are scum.

You absolutely must at all times retain the moral high ground. This means being completely unflappable. Avoid extreme language, except when prosecuting your target. Your goal should be to out-group the leftist and make them feel morally repulsive to everyone watching. This will drive them insane.

It’s important to recognise though that the morality of the degenerate leftist is very different to your own. Do not accuse them of breaking with tradition; that’s a badge of honour in their world. You must continually punch them at points which are universally repugnant. Even if the leftist is so narcissistic that they don’t care, they’ll know the majority of people watching do and that feeling of being out-grouped will cause them to melt down.

It is also helpful to know that leftists always project. They are psychologically damaged people, and all the things they are accusing you of are the things they know are true of themselves. They are authoritarian. They are racist. They are bullies. Listening carefully to the accusations levelled against you by a leftist will give you insight into what they fear most to be revealed about themselves. This is your ammunition.

What I am proposing (and I’m not the first) is that we start to use the tactics of leftists against them. Leftism is a fundamentally dishonest worldview. The seminal thinkers who developed New Left thought such as Marcuse and Alinsky were explicit to their minions – do not argue in good faith. Use the goodness of ‘conservatives’ against them. Sociopaths such an Hillary and Obama learned these tactics well and have served as role-models to their dull-eyed devotees. We have been using reason to seek to discredit leftists, and it’s time to stop. They don’t care about the truth, so that strategy is ineffective. It’s time to go for their jugular – their pompous, phony self-righteousness which is nothing but a charade. Pull off their moral mask, and they’ll run screaming.