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ABC: East Germany was ‘kinder and friendlier’ than the West

Every day, after I wake up in our huge (albeit rented) house, make a delicious coffee, prepare a tasty breakfast, browse the news on my phone and kiss my wife goodbye knowing I’ll see her again tonight, I wish I’d been born in East Germany.

East Germany

Ah, the romance of deprivation. The excitement of imminent arrest and indefinite imprisonment. Guessing who’s an informant, who’s a traitor. Seeing our kids indoctrinated with Bolshevism, and fearing they’ll turn in their Christian parents. The cold, the hunger, the hopelessness. And we missed it all.

We’ve had the misfortune to have been born in, or increasingly to have immigrated to, boring, safe, rich Australia. A capitalist hellhole of exploitation, false consciousness and the widespread exploitation of the proletariat.

Thankfully we’ve got their ABC to bring a little bit of East Germany into our lives though, every day, with our money.


It’s easy to understand why the anarcho-communists, militant racialists and rapey male feminists at their ABC would look back on Soviet-occupied Eastern Germany with a wistful nostalgia. Everything that makes Australia so liveable for the masses they find detestable. They become livid when they see the uneducated and unqualified successful: the master builder who owns a yacht; the high school dropout who runs a multi-million dollar paving business; the former convict turned pastor with a church of 1000 faithful who hang on his every word. Normal people doing extraordinary things. The real proletariat, if it exists at all.

This is what the neo-Bolsheviks in our universities, government bureaucracies and state broadcasters despise. They hate what Stefan Molyneux calls ‘the free market of ideas’ that allows those with merit and drive to have a say over their lives. They hate free markets in anything. These wretched people, slaves to a cult of identity grievance and victimhood, want control.

They want to shut it the fuck down and remake the world in the image of their glorious, utopian ideology. In East Germany, that meant economic equality between all the comrades. It was a lie, of course. Leftists always lie. It meant that the path to status, and even wealth, was closed to anyone who did not have the correct qualifications, connections and background. It meant that the self-selected elite could pull the drawbridge of opportunity up behind them and ensure all those uppity brickies and felons who wanted to make a go of things could be kept down in the lower orders, where they belong.

The vision of the Big Sister left who are taking over our society is for rule by experts. People who have been credentialed. People who got the right indoctrination and are ideologically correct. This is the true force which drives forward a Marxist revolution like the one we are experiencing – a vanguard of intellectuals and apparatchiks who seek to use the force of the state to cement their power, forever. And they cloak it in the rhetoric of a cult of equality, positioning themselves as the moral leaders of society while they crush it under their effete, pedicured heels.

This is the mentality you encounter when you question global warming, when you deride gender dysphoria or when you expose neo-Marxist hypocrisy. You are not just a dissident in their eyes. You are a heretic. You are blaspheming what to them is sacred. You are undeserving of the status of being human.

And we all know where that leads.

Never again.

It’s where the Western Marxists at Wine Auntie ABC are determined to take us. From the article:

To a great deal of East Germans, it was an annexation; the East and its values immediately invalidated.

There was a sense that the West was moving in to ‘fix’ everything that West Germans considered ‘wrong’ in East Germany, despite East Germany having been the most successful economy of the Eastern Bloc.

And there was a uniqueness to East German society that didn’t exist in the West.

“There was something we had which I can only describe as solidarity,” says Christian Wolter, a carpenter who grew up in East Berlin. 

“The policeman and the plumber were having to deal with the same problems as you, and there was a certain kind of binding factor there. You helped each other.”

That’s called Stockholm Syndrome, dickhead. You were prisoners of a predatory regime which had spread from 1917 Russia and had the blood of tens of millions on its hands. This is the camaraderie of the prison yard. Everyone’s in it together against the guards, yet take every opportunity they can to predate on each other. This is the dynamic of a zero-trust social environment.

Stasi East Germany
1 in 6 East Germans worked for the secret police, or Stasi.

To a large number of East Germans, or Ossis, the West was disappointing.

It was too individualistic: it offered too much of everything, and there was no common goal except growth — for some.

To them, East Germany’s society had been kinder and friendlier, and it made much more sense to them than the capitalist society that they were suddenly part of.

In East Germany, in theory at least, “there was no difference in payment or in stature between a teacher or the director of the biggest factory — they had the same social stature”, Christian says.

“Doctors were valued but the cleaners were just as valued,” he says.

“Everybody — the director of the company, the cleaner — got a house, they all got their health insurance, they all bought the same bread and the same butter. It was available for everyone.”

For many young East Germans, who hadn’t yet had experiences with the darker sides of their government, or any other political system, the change seemed unnecessary.

And people wonder why we want to privatise the ABC. Or even better, dismantle the state bureaucracy, burn down the universities, localise the schools and erase the last 100 years of creeping socialism. The author of the piece uses an unapologetically Marxist frame for the article; the East was ‘socialist’ while the West was ‘capitalist’. This is bullshit. Our system is not laissez-faire capitalism. We have an economic system built on debt-based money creation, the capture of government by corporate and financial interests and a creeping socialist welfare state which devours the wealth of the productive to bribe the indolent.

In the Eastern Bloc they’d just started where we are going to finish. They rushed the process. They didn’t let the dialectic have enough time to work itself out. Big Brother was too hasty; Big Sister, on the other hand, has incubated millions of obedient zombies from the day they were born. These brainwashed millennials will be the footsoldiers for utopia when the time comes.

In East Germany class was just as evident as in West Germany, however the material distinctions between classes underneath the ruling elite were more subtle. Even worse, social mobility was extremely limited. Marxism doesn’t created classless societies. It creates societies in which the social order is fixed, and everyone is ground down under the tiny technocratic elite micromanaging everything for their benefit.

The author deals with none of that nuance. No context, no interpretation. No facts. Just the same old tired neo-Marxist talking points we’ve been getting out of Ivory Tower appointees for decades. And this creeping takeover of our society by the campus-trained Western Marxists is giving us a taste of East Germany more and more every day – ceaseless propaganda, dropping material living standards, draconian government censorship and omnipresent deep state surveillance.

The article was written to promote a program on Radio National called The History Listen. Why these people need to make verbs into nouns to make themselves sound clever I will never understand. It’s as if they think breaking rules is a sign of high IQ. The technocrat who hosts the show is Dr Rebecca Huntley. Let’s call her Becky.


Dr Rebecca Huntley is one of Australia’s foremost researchers on social trends. She holds degrees in law and film studies and a PhD in gender studies. She is the author of numerous books, and was a feature writer for Australian Vogue, a columnist for BRW and the former presenter of Drive on a Friday on ABC RN. She is on the Artistic Advisory Board of the Bell Shakespeare Company, the board of The Whitlam Institute and is an adjunct senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences at The University of New South Wales. She writes and podcasts for The Guardian Australia.

Gender studies, Vogue magazine, Whitlam Institute, The Guardian. Yeah I think I’m getting the picture. Becky is a rising mandarin in the bureaucracy, taking on a show for the flagship Inner Party radio station to raise her profile and gain greater opportunities for status climbing. She’d be on a generous six-figure salary, live in a leafy inner suburb, born to parents from the Brahmin caste, went to an exclusive girls’ school and only buys organic kale that is certified activated.

I just checked her Wikipedia. All correct, although the kale behaviour remains unverified at this stage.

You know the type. The most hilarious thing is upper-caste Inner Party members like Becky believe they represent the voiceless and the powerless of this world. Intoxicated with the righteousness that is bestowed upon believers by Western Marxism, Becky and her ilk spend their whole lives believing that Shamutta from Calcutta and Ongo from the Congo are their soul sisters in struggle against the heteronormative patriarchy of whiteness.

The truth is, Becky is the 0.1%. If the world is truly comprised of the powerful who oppress and the powerless who are oppressed, then Becky is one of the worst human beings on the planet.

Becky doesn’t care though. She’s got her neat gig at Radio National, pumping out pseudo-intellectual parsings on such topics as historical racism against Chinese, early feminist icons, trailblazing Asian barristers and abuse of Aboriginal kids in orphanages. Anything that helps advance the revolution, comrade.

These people won’t stop. They are becoming more radical and more daring as they sense the revolution approaching. The future is coming. Utopia is calling. All people like Becky need to do is destroy what is standing in the way of utopia; and in our case, that is white men. If we don’t stop people like Becky in time, they will destroy everything.

And unfortunately for Becky, the revolution always eats its children. It will destroy her too.

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