Crazy kid anti-semitism

Where did all these crazy anti-Semites come from?

We’ve all noticed it over the last few years. Comments sections on news sites being shut down. Social media groups becoming toxic echo-chambers. Formerly sane and well-balanced individuals suddenly becoming unhinged fanatics, obsessed with ‘red-pilling the normies’ about their pet topic:

The Eternal Jew.

The Eternal Jew

Despite all the best efforts of intellectuals, the media, the education system, Hollywood, the courts, publishing companies, government and advocacy groups like the ADL and SPLC in America and the ECAJ in Australia, young men are being brainwashed into this old-as-time cult of hate by historical revisionist YouTube videos and fringe blogs like The Daily Stormer. In the US, openly anti-Semitic candidates like Paul Nehlen are running for Congress. In Europe, anti-Semitic hate crimes are hitting record numbers.

The ancient hate, as old as the Bible itself, is rearing its head again in the 21st century. How did we reach such a point? And how can we possibly stand up against this recurrent madness, and make sure another six million don’t die all over again in our own time?

We are familiar with the anti-Semitism of the far left in this country. Campus commies cry crocodile tears about Palestinian children and call Israel the Fourth Reich, all based upon misinformation and envy at the success of the only democracy in the Middle East.

Palestinian child Gaza
A Palestinian child after Israeli white phosphorous strikes on Gaza in 2006, taken by the openly anti-Semitic outlet the BBC.

There are four main categories of error which anti-Semites, sometimes knowingly and usually in ignorance, make. They are: conspiracy theories, the cherry-picking of facts, historical revisionism and misrepresentation of the religion of Judaism. Each can be easily debunked.

The conspiracy theories which abounded in the early part of the 20th century in the lead-up to the Holocaust are not the conspiracy theories relied upon by anti-Semites today. In the 1920s, for example, Henry Ford funded the printing of 500,000 copies of the document The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; supposedly the minutes of a meeting where Jewish leaders plotted to use their financial and media power to subvert Western morals and bring the ‘goyim’ under their control.

The nature of the conspiracy theories being spread online today is much more subtle. While anti-Semites today still focus on Jewish control of finance, the media and entertainment industries, they are more likely to focus on political Zionism and the neoconservative movement supporting it in the United States.

A key piece of evidence used by today’s anti-Semites is the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Written as a letter from the British Foreign Secretary to Lord Walter Rothschild, the document promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine for the first time. This statement set the stage for the creation of the state of Israel after World War II. Anti-Semites allege that Palestine was granted to Rothschild, whose family more than any other was responsible for the creation of the state of Israel, as part of a deal whereby American Jews had ensured to use their media power and political influence to bring America into the war.

Wall St and the Bolshevik RevolutionAnti-Semites allege that this was done after a central bank had been created by Jewish bankers in New York with the establishment Wall St and the Rise of Hitlerof the Federal Reserve in 1913. They will then make outlandish claims that those same elite Jews in New York and London funded both side of World Wars I and II, as well as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, in order to bring about their one world order and achieve their project of global government.

In a hop, skip and a jump to flat-out crazy, those same anti-Semites will then assert a conspiracy to bring about World War III in the Middle East and establish a future world government in an expanded Greater Israel. They cherry-pick quotes such as this one from Life Magazine by former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in 1962 to prove their tenuous case.

David Ben Gurion

Alt-right anti-Semites will then stretch the bow beyond breaking point by asserting that Jewish Trotskyite intellectuals in the US, who became neoconservatives when the anti-war New Left took over universities in the 60s, represent a fifth column inside the US deep state who have been pursuing the foreign policy of Israel for decades, not the US. These neocons, who came to prominence with the Project for the New American Century in the 90s, are, according to YouTube Nazis, responsible for 9/11 and the war on terror, the overthrow of Saddam, the invasion of Syria and the escalation today to World War III against Iran and Russia. Despite the best efforts of Google and Facebook to stamp out this toxic propaganda, such misleading hate speech is easy enough to find.

All of these hateful narratives rely upon the cherry-picking of facts to suit the anti-Semitic narrative. Today’s Nazis point out that Jews invented and spread Marxism, psychoanalysis, anthropology, cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, pornography, the gay rights movement, tattooing, modern art, multiculturalism, militant atheism as well as feminism and the corruption of family values. They will slice and edit footage, quotes or images to use as ‘evidence’ of their assertions, such as this interview with former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni on US radio.

Or this interview with American-Israeli Barbara Spectre living in Sweden in 2010.

Or conspiracy theories such as the Oded Yinon Plan for Greater Israel from the 1980s.

Or the white, explosives-laden minivans of ‘dancing Israelis’ seen around New York on the morning of 9/11, first arrested and then quietly released.

All of these disparate facts are used, without context, to justify distorted historical narratives about supposed Jewish hatred for the white, Christian civilisation of the ‘goyim’ and their longstanding, messianic project to achieve supremacy over the other, lesser races of the earth.

The favourite historical distortion for the anti-Semites is, of course, Holocaust revisionism. This has become a cottage industry of hate. Internet Nazis make outrageous claims such as fewer than six million died, the gas chambers were for delousing to stop typhus, the incinerators at the death camps could never have processed that many corpses, the prisoners were photographed starving because Allies had bombed the railway lines to the camps and why did Anne Frank get moved between two death camps before dying of typhus?

The question sane people must of course ask in response to all this false evidence is: Why? What motive do these Nazi trolls attribute to Jews for all the lies, all the corruption and all the hate?

There are two main streams of anti-Semitic thought in this regard. The first is based on evolutionary biology, and the second on a bizarre theory of Talmudic supremacism.

The kingpin thinker at the forefront of the evolutionary biology crowd is Dr Kevin Macdonald, adjunct professor of evolutionary biology at California State University. He is also the editor of The Occidental Observer, one of the many fringe blogs read avidly by alt-right ideologues. Macdonald’s book, The Culture of Critique, has been read by millions and become a mainstay for the anti-Semitic bigots in comments sections, online forums and YouTube.

Macdonald’s bizarre claim is that, due to their history of being without a homeland and preyed upon by more powerful peoples, the Jews have adapted biological strategies of parasitism and subversion in order to stave off threat and gain power over their hosts. This repulsive theory does not even try to hide its Nazi origins. Such an explanation for the more than 100 historical expulsions of the Jews around the world is preposterous, when the obvious reason for those expulsions is the same anti-Semitism which motivates Macdonald.

List of Jewish expulsions
A selection of anti-Semitic expulsions of the Jews through history.

Macdonald’s theories based on distortions of evolutionary biology are not as dangerous, however, as the recent upswing in anti-Semitism from Christians in the English-speaking world. So-called Christian YouTubers and fringe bloggers have begun a hate campaign against Judaism, alleging that Jewish financiers used their power and influence to fund pro-Zionist versions of the Bible, such as the Scofield Reference Bible in 1909. These Nazi Christians claim that Zionist evangelicals such as John Hagee, Mike Hukabee, Billy and Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, James Dobson and John Macarthur are either knowing agents of the Jewish ‘money power’, or unwitting fools who are themselves deceived by the nature of Judaism, Israel and Bible prophecy. In the minds of the Jew-haters, these Christian Zionists are puppets serving the Greater Israel plan of the ‘New World Order’.

These supposedly Christian extremists in the Nazisphere make bold and deceptive claims about the nature of Judaism. They claim the idea of Judeo-Christianity is a recent invention by the Zionist money power, and that Jews do not study the Bible at all, but rather the Talmud. These YouTube Nazis claim that the Talmud, or the oral commentaries of prominent rabbis, are compiled from the oral law of the Jews which goes back to the Pharisees and not Moses. This, they claim, is the ‘synagogue of Satan’ referred to in the Book of Revelation – an outlandish claim indeed! Today’s anti-Semites will then point out the Jewish Kabbalah’s role in the creation of most secret societies and occult traditions practiced today, such as the Ordo Templi Orientis and the rituals of the US elite at the Bohemian Grove. In the mad mind of the anti-Semite, all of these go back to the spirit of antichrist – Judaism!

It is eerily reminiscent of widespread medieval claims of Jewish ‘blood libel’ rituals.

Blood libel

Again cherry-picking, these Jew-haters will then insert snippets from Jewish comedians and commentators proving they are motivated by a deep hatred of Jesus and Christianity. All without context, of course.

The dreary and depressing list goes on and on and on and on. Like countless brainwashed and insecure fanatics before them, these haters of God’s chosen people will continue to spread their toxic ideology to impressionable young minds. If we are to prevent another Shoah, however, we must take a stand against this tide of madness. In Israel’s darkest hour, as she stands alone against the threat of the mad mullahs in Teheran and their backers in Moscow, we must be ready to stand with our greatest ally.

We must fight fire with fire. We’ve gotta to blast Gassad and the millions of Syrian terrorists back into the Stone Age,and then nuke Russia back into the Stone Age for hating democracy. If we’re not willing to die for democracy, what are we willing to die for? We’re ready at our house. Are you?

United States of Israel

Zero tolerance for these online Nazis, too. As well as shutting down anti-Semites, doxing them, destroying their livelihoods and throwing them in jail, we must ensure we do not give in to envy because of the success of the intellectually superior Jewish people. We must instead celebrate their achievements and contributions. They are God’s chosen, after all.

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