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Teacher, writer, PhD. Published on the Daily Caller, Zero Hedge, Spectator Australia and XYZ. Anti-Marxist, anti-Zionist and fanatical truth-teller. Our struggle is not with flesh and blood but beware the leaven of the Pharisees.

Time To Go Dark

So now Melbourne’s grounded again. In the old times, I would’ve made a joke about that. Something about the sex shops being outraged that primary schools will stop buying supplies from them, or about Third World dishwashers having to survive on one grain of rice a week now instead of five. Maybe something about trannies.

But this is no joke. People are hurting. Normal people. Decent people. Aussies have lost their businesses and their jobs. Families are going to break up at even faster rate than they were already. Good, honest, hardworking Australians who always followed the rules and did what they were told are going to lose everything they thought they’d built up.… Read the rest

Masked men filmed starting Minneapolis riots


We white people sure have a lot to be sorry for, and by we white people I mean we British people. We destroyed so many beautiful ethnic groups in our mad quest to build an empire for somebody else that only made us debt slaves to them.

We killed, destroyed and demoralised a lot of people in the name of liberal imperialism. 

The Irish Gaels, for example.

The Boers, who we put in concentration camps and then labelled racists.

And of course, the Germans. The poor Germans. The people who gave us Protestant Christianity and whose young men we butchered, whose cities we burned and who we put eternal guilt on for the unredeemable sin of ‘anti-Semitism’. … Read the rest

The political cult at the end of the world

Ever since the plandemic made all the Karens hide under the couch, something strange has been happening on the political left. 

Until now, the left has been a pastiche of various delusional mindsets held together by an intersectionality of hating white, Christian men and the civilisation we built. They were united in what they were against – us – and put aside differences in order to achieve our destruction. 

Now, they’re moving beyond intersectionality. The convergence is becoming stronger. It’s like the trauma of maybe getting pneumonia at the shops has made them move beyond individual craziness into a Borg-like collective form of psychosis. … Read the rest

A plague of billionaires

What do you get when you give a repulsive nerd who spent his formative years getting humiliated by jocks more than a hundred billion dollars?

A pastel-jumper-wearing control freak communist, by the looks.


A more equal world?

How did we get to such a point of ridiculous doublethink? I hear from normies who still watch TV that Gates ‘gave all his money away’ because he’s such a nice guy.… Read the rest

GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM: Global food supply chains are collapsing

There’s a lot of mental noise around us right now. 

The stable, ordered worldview of ten years ago, based upon a consensual reality received from a few broadcast media outlets, has fractured. While the world outside has become more chaotic, particularly in 2020, there’s growing information chaos in our culture as well which is eroding people’s ability to know that they know what reality is. 

Hillary trafficks children. Russia hacked the election. The Queen is a lizard. The Earth is flat. 5G is coronavirus. Drink bleach. 

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The Grand Solar Minimum: Plague, famine, tyranny and war

One of the great suppressed and liberating truths of our era is that there is a pattern to history. A cycle. And if you understand that cycle, you can anticipate what’s coming and not only survive, but thrive. 

Nobody could have anticipated a plague that spreads like measles, kills like pneumonia and looks like the zombie apocalypse out of China. Well nobody except maybe the movie that anticipated it and the billionaire who predicted it and the scientists who invented it and the intelligence agencies who warned about it back in November. 

Totally random. No way of knowing. 

The thing is though, if you know your history you understand that we’ve entered a period during which plagues will become more frequent.… Read the rest

Fedcoin: The coming financial enslavement of the planet

This is the second in a two-part series on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In the first installment written in 2018, we looked at the optimistic case for cryptos to enable a new era of peace and prosperity. In this second part, we look at the darker reality of economic tyranny now coming into view. 


How would you spend six trillion dollars? 

For me, I’d maybe buy a toilet paper factory, hire some Oompa Loompas and ensure the nation can always poo again in peace. Then I’d hire a pro team of pest exterminators to kill every bat on the planet. … Read the rest

Destroying productive capitalism to save parasitic capitalism

I want to assure you from the outset that I’m not a “virus denier”. 

I don’t think it’s a hoax or just the flu or caused by 5G mobile phone towers activating metallic nanoparticles put in our bodies by chemtrails as part of the Georgia Guidestones depopulation agenda. 

It’s a real virus. This China virus is very real and very dangerous.

It’s a plague, and it’s one everyone at our house is staying as far away from as we can. 

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The mask has slipped: Australia is not rich & free

As far as national anthems go, ours is pretty bad. Waltzing Matilda would’ve been a way better option. 

It’s also not true, and hasn’t been for a long time. 

Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home is girt by sea;

No we don’t. We haven’t had ‘wealth for toil’ for decades. We’ve relied on wealth from debt to fuel a consumerist binge and real estate frenzy while our elites deindustrialised us and handed the means of wealth creation to Chinese communists who hate our guts. 

And anyone who pointed out the lunacy of such policies was branded a racist or mocked as an old white male loser who just couldn’t compete.… Read the rest

Creating a famine to stop a plague

Back in January, I wrote about Chinese in Australia stripping the country of health and medical supplies to send back home to China for personal profit and national self-interest.

Chinese shoppers begin stripping Sydney shelves of health, medical supplies

Back then, such a story was just a racist far right conspiracy theory.

Now it’s news.

Perhaps fear of a plague brings out the honesty in people.… Read the rest