The Debt Supernova

Banksters are Drinking your Children’s Blood

You are probably aware by now that money is created from nothing by private banks when they make loans. The true power of this alchemical process, however, is not something which is widely understood.

How does a man own the world? To answer this, we must first know what the wealth of the world is. It is not the minerals, the water, soils or any other natural resource. These laid fallow for millennia without any value. A nugget of gold had no value in the hands of an Aborigine, except perhaps to throw at a kangaroo. It is not the money; money is just the means for establishing the value of assets.… Read the rest

The Bubble of the Ages

We are at the peak of a 5000-year bubble in government. Like all bubbles, this one will burst. When it does, our world will become unrecognisable.

How can I say we are at the top of an inter-millenial government bubble? Interest rates.

Throughout history, interest rates have never been as low as they are now. Central banks around the world have kept interest rates at or near 0% since the world economy had a cardiac arrest in 2008. The problem then was bad debt, and they papered over it and socialised the losses. The propaganda has been telling us that the unprecedentedly-low interest rates were to stimulate the world economy and bring about a ‘recovery’.… Read the rest

You Don’t Need to Pay Taxes

Why do Western rulers confiscate around half of the earned income of the productive members of society when they could just print it? In an age of fiat currency, it makes no sense at all.

It makes no sense unless you still believe your pre-programmed narrative of socialist redistribution – that you need to pay your fair share to help those less fortunate than you. If you believe that Marxist drivel, you’re in the wrong place. I thought I earn my pittance because I studied hard, get up early, was prudent and don’t headbutt my sociopath witch of a boss. It’s not fortune that makes the middle class.… Read the rest

Who is the Oligarchy?

As you are no doubt aware, politics is the puppet show put on for us peasants by the puppeteer oligarchs. But who are the oligarchy exactly?

All republican or representative forms of government are actually oligarchies, or very quickly become them. Rome had several rebellions by the proles during its early republican history until they were given the tribunate to represent their interests politically. Even this position was abrogated by the patricians over time, and became part of the bundle of offices the emperors used to justify their supreme authority. This followed two centuries of disastrous civil wars caused by infighting among oligarchic factions.… Read the rest