Dead men walking

A Jehovah’s Witness came to our door last week.

Big mistake.

One thing our friendly neighbourhood JW said though before he ran away stuck with me: How can we evangelical Christians live and participate in the world and still be in God’s Kingdom? How can Christians celebrate the world’s festivals and follow its customs and still be saved?

Indeed. How is it that we believers on the Lord are sons of the Most High even as we sin. How does God make that possible?

God really, really, really hates sin. The worldly fools who have convinced themselves that God is an absolute moral universalist, and that she/he loves everyone and will bring us all to be with zhe in the afterworld of cosmic light, are going to get a rude shock when they are thrown into the eternal fire by a wrathful God to perish like rubbish, never to be remembered.

Their belief system makes sense in terms of human reasoning, and that should be a warning to them. God is a sovereign being, and His ways are not our ways. We have 2000 years of evidence in the world today about where belief in the Biblical God leads and where belief in any other god does. One builds Notre Dame and sings Gregorian chants, the other builds Templo Mayor and sacrifices little children on bloodstained altars or burns them in the fire to Moloch.


The god of our own mind leads to a personal and collective hell.

God is merciful, yes, but God is also just. He has been patient since the cross so that the number of believers would be reached, but one day soon His patience will wear out. Then all hell will break loose everywhere. Literally.

We are all dead men walking, although most don’t know it. Humans are always looking for completion, for total peace, for the reconciliation and unity of all things in perfect harmony. Some seek it in spiritual practices, some in material gratification, some in status and power. Others seek it in the mastery of dark sorceries and the temporary riches they grant. Most people just bumble along finding a compromise with the world, going along to get along. In the end, they fail.

This world is not our home. We weren’t made for this place, at least not in its current state. We were made for heaven and for fellowship with our perfect and holy Creator, but we rebelled. Now we’re homesick.


There are many nationalists today who agree with Nietzsche that all the Abrahamic religions are slave morality. That Christianity is a Semitic subversion of the Aryan race. It’s not true. Christianity was around long before the Jews.

Christianity didn’t begin at the cross, or with Abraham. It began in the Garden of Eden, just after our antediluvian first parents rebelled against the God who made them by declaring that they could determine the moral law for themselves. They would eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; they would decide the moral law for themselves. They rejected God’s moral law, and tried to substitute their own. Rebels against God have been doing this ever since.

Christianity began when God first promised Eve that, through her Seed, the serpent’s head would be crushed (Genesis 3:14-15). This is when the church began; before the cross, everyone who believed God’s promise to send a messiah was granted righteousness through faith, and since the cross, all who have believed on Christ have in turn been washed clean and restored to relationship to God through the one, perfect sacrifice.

Adam’s fall made us all born dead due to sin. Jesus’ victory made all who believe reborn alive due to his conquest of sin. He made us new men. This is the meaning of Christianity – a restoration of the relationship that Adam and Eve had with God in the Garden, before they listened to the serpent and his lie that they could be righteous without God. They couldn’t, and we can’t. No-one can. Righteousness belongs to God alone.

There’s an interesting detail in the interaction between God, Eve and the serpent in Genesis. God promised Eve that through her Seed, which is Jesus, Satan would be crushed. He also, however, said that Satan has a seed. The lineage that God is referring to is not of the flesh, but of the spirit; spiritually, all who have been born again of the Spirit are inheritors as the Seed of Eve through Christ. But this means also that there is a spiritual lineage of Satan; a people who have accepted to be the seed of Satan, and who war with the church until the time of Jesus’ return. A people who are preparing the way for the anti-Christ in these Last Days, presumably.

I wonder who that could be?

sarah silverman

It’s Resurrection Sunday, so I’ll let you figure it out.

God also made a promise to Abraham that through his seed all the nations of the Earth would be blessed (Genesis 22:1-19). God did this because Abraham was faithful when God told him to sacrifice his son; so just as Eve was punished for not believing God’s word, Abraham was rewarded for doing so. God always restores what was broken. God tells Abraham though that He will send the promised messiah, whom Abraham would have been aware of, through Abraham’s seed. Again with the seeds.

There is a group of people who claim to be Abraham’s seed today, but it’s a lie. They’re not. They’re impostors. Jesus, Paul and John were emphatic that the seed of Abraham is a spiritual lineage as well, through belief in the redeemer that God promised in the Garden (Galatians 3:16; Galatians 3:29; Romans 9:6-8; Revelation 2:9, 3:9). The Book of Isaiah, written 700 years before Jesus, gives such a precise picture of his life, death and resurrection that only those who don’t want to accept the Seed of Eve and of Abraham would reject him. These are people who choose death and the riches of this world rather than life and the riches of the world to come. They choose death over life, lies over truth, rebellion over reconciliation and the material over the spiritual, and it destroys them. Every. Single. Time.

God never gave a particular race or nation a privileged position with Him. He chose to reveal His nature to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, but this was always as a witness to all humanity. Salvation has always been by grace through faith.

We are all born dead, but we don’t have to remain that way. The God of Adam, Noah and Abraham wants to plant us in His eternal garden, to be with Him always. This body is but a seed to Him (1 Corinthians 15:35-49). He wants to plant it, but with your consent. Let Him. Give the seed back to the gardener, and let Him plant it so that you may have eternal life.

You may as well. You’re dead already.