Fake Politics On The Democrat Identity Plantation

This piece first appeared on The Daily Caller.

Fakery has been everywhere in the news in 2017. From the increasingly desperate and still unproven accusations by the establishment media that President Trump is a Manchurian candidate, to the alarming and verifiable evidence that senior Democrats have close financial links to foreign powers, everyday Americans are unsure what is real and what is not at the moment. Central to this surreal political atmosphere is the loss of faith by the American people in the establishment media, or what many are now calling the real ‘fake news’.

Just as everyday Americans are now seeing through the fake news that is put forth by the media wing of the Democrat establishment, we are also now aware of the fakery at the heart of the Democratic Party itself.

Through WikiLeaks we learned that the media coordinated closely with Hillary Clinton’s staff to assist her in her presidential campaign, while the DNC email leaks revealed that the DNC was actively hijacking the Democratic primaries to such an extent that the process was Hillary’s coronation from the beginning. Through the investigative journalism of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, we learned that high-level Democrat operatives consider vote-rigging and election fraud to be standard operating procedure in US politics.

How can it be that America’s oldest political party has become nothing but a sham, a cynical charade performed by phony people to deceive whole swathes of the nation? How can the Democratic Party have become so corrupt, and so fake?

Fake politics is all you get when identity politics is all you practice. A pantomime of lies replaces the struggle of ideas. When the sole vision of the leadership of a political party is to stoke injustice in the minds of various minorities and use the resulting rage to rob the hardworking and the productive, you have no ideas left. You are a party of race, gender and culture hucksters who divide society for the sole purpose of gaining power.

The great tragedy of identity politics is that it destroys those it professes to advocate for. The only beneficiaries are the envy pimps who use it to get votes. There is no greater danger for your demographic than you become a pet group for an identity politics carpetbagger. We need only look at what the Democrats have done to black America since LBJ’s welfare state was enacted to see how crushing is the dead hand of socialist redistribution to the morale and spirit of the people it targets.

Fake politicians care nothing for governing wisely. They do not concern themselves with how to best multiply the fruits of civilization for their fellow citizens, or how to best steer the ship of state to avoid the rocky shoals of foreign entanglements and futile endeavors. No fake politician can ever become a statesman. They always remain only a snake oil salesman of grievance, using their forked silver tongues to deceive those they use and attack those they hate.

Fake politics is a dark art, and the Democrats have become archwizards at it.

In the birthplace of democracy, ancient Athens, such fake politicians were called demagogues. Their appeal was the basest elements in human nature, rousing the mob against their social and economic betters. In postmodern America, our Democratic demagogues have learned to use the language of Western Marxism to divide the nation in terms of race, gender and culture rather than class. Such divisions are even more dangerous to the nation than the ones fomented in Athens 2,500 years ago.

The Democratic Party’s substitution of minority self-interest for the battle of ideas turns the Republic into a war for spoils, and the apparatus of the state into a means of plunder.

Identity politics is the politics of the Third World, and the Democrats have been putting the banana into our Republic since Jackson founded the party in 1828. Although President Jackson introduced the demon of identity politics and began the disastrous transition toward democratic mob rule in America, he still had ideas. His political positions, although they have caused immense damage to the integrity of the Republic, were at least based on reasoned opinions. He could argue for them in order to win over an audience. He was a thinker.

There are no thinkers left in the postmodern rabble his party has become today. There are only sloganeers brandishing the tired dogmas of cultural Marxism to an increasingly disenchanted electorate.

The problem for the right is that, until recently, our political leadership has pretended that the Democratic donkey show is real. Unwilling to call out the race-baiting, misandry and anti-Christianity of the left, the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to carry on their fake politics charade. In many instances, unfortunately, establishment Republicans have stooped to join them at their game.

Right-thinking Americans can no longer pretend that we are living in a ‘proposition nation’ in which politics is a high-minded contest of ideas on a level playing field. If we keep carrying on with that conservative approach, we will keep losing. We must stop letting the Democrats get away with fake politics while they fleece hardworking Americans.

Like the slave plantation owners who founded their party, the Democrats today see minorities as their personal property. Sadly for those Americans who keep on voting Democrat against their own interests, they will never be allowed in the big house. Their role is just to do what they’re told.

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