Holocaustianity, collective narcissism & the Samson Option

If you have never encountered a narcissist, you are blessed. If you have, you weren’t the same afterward.

A narcissist is a human monster. Although they share similarities with psychopaths, they are not the same. Narcissists have a very regular, almost robotic, set of behaviours they display, and once you identify one, you’ll see that they are not like other humans. They’re spiritually broken people, and their function in life is to break others. It’s how they replicate.

Narcissism is similar to other psychopathologies like psychopathy and sociopathy, but with a few crucial differences. It is a condition which has proved almost impossible to treat, which has led clinical psychologists and psychiatrists to move away from studying it in recent years. Having encountered quite a few narcs personally though, I can testify first hand that the condition is very real, and seems to be flourishing in our postmodern, relativist, atomised society.

A narc is someone who was wounded so deeply at some point in life, usually in childhood, that they ‘broke’ spiritually. Their psyche received such a wound that they were unable to recover, and in that powerless state of unbearable mental pain, they broke with reality and determined that they would never again be someone’s prey. They would be the predator.

This break with reality leads the narc to create a fake reality movie in their mind that they must then manipulate and dominate others to agree with. They will spend the rest of their life looking for people who have also been traumatised, but rather than becoming predators they stayed prey, forever. These people are ‘co-dependents’; people who also lack a strong sense of self, and have been conditioned by a narc or sociopath (usually a parent) to participate in the fake reality movies of narcissists.

Have you ever worked with an unstable female who goes from damaging relationship to damaging relationship, learning nothing? Or a bloke who constantly comes under the control of witchy bitches, and won’t hear a bad word said about her? Those are classic co-dependent behaviours.

The concept of narcissist personality disorder (NPD) aligns perfectly with what the Bible tells us about humanity. The Bible is clear that God doesn’t love everyone; he hates the wicked with a passion (Psalm 11:5). There isn’t one category for ‘the wicked’ I suspect, but narcissists definitely fit into that category. They reject truth, and thereby God, and He hates them.

It’s pretty accurate to describe Satan as the first narcissist. That becomes relevant later.

The problem for the narcissist, though, is that breaking with reality and cutting off from normal human emotions leaves a void. They are consumed with emptiness and self-loathing. To compensate, narcs use their co-dependent victims as sources of ‘narcissistic supply‘ – a steady stream of admiration and confirmation of the fake reality movie that the narcissist has created for their network of victims. They are psychic vampires.

If you want to get a good handle on what narcissists are and how they operate, this guy is pretty good value.

I started blogging exactly three years ago this month, and as regular XYZ readers would know, my primary motivator is trying to understand what has made our society so evil. By evil, I mean dishonest, corrupting, self-destructive and anti-human. I’ve always been kind of fixated on the issue. When I was a teenager, I used to walk our quiet suburban streets, see the same pictures reflected in every living room and imagine blowing up the TV broadcast towers on Mount Coot-tha to set the people free. When I was eight, I had insomnia and stomach pains for two weeks due to AIDS and the ozone layer. If someone had told me that the first is a gay plague and the second a psy-op, I could’ve slept better.

I spent the first year or so in my writing investigating cultural Marxism and creeping Islam, but as time has gone on God has made it clearer and clearer to me that this is not the whole picture. That the cause of our spiritual sickness in the West today is spiritual, and that behind all of those seemingly disparate, toxic beliefs systems, is a common problem. A hidden hand.

And no, it’s not ‘the Jews’. It’s not ‘the Muslims’ either, or ‘the left’. Those are people, and people aren’t the problem. I fight devils, not puppets. That’s what Christians are meant to do. And since the first century, the primary enemy of Christians has been the spirit of anti-Christ (2 John 1:7; 1 John 2:22).

It is my deeply-held view that this enemy, which Jesus fought and which tried to kill him, is and has always been Talmudic Judaism, the mother of a thousand abominations. And it brings suffering and destruction upon the Jewish people just as much as everyone else, although they think I’m a Nazi plotting to gas them for saying so.

I find I always reflect a lot on Anzac Day. It makes me maudlin. And as I reflected on evil, the great struggle of our time and what to do and say as we enter yet another era of war, famine, loss and death, it hit me.

Jews are collective narcissists.

kramer narcissist

So what was the trauma that created this collective form of narcissism?

They killed God.


Now Jews would probably respond that the trauma they’ve experienced is ‘anti-Semitism’ – the unrelenting hatred of the rest of humanity for 2000 years, particularly us evil Christians. Either way, the result is the same. They demonstrate every symptom of a collective form of narcissism.

Key to the self-image of narcissists is that they are the suffering prince. No-one has suffered more than them. No-one has been treated less fairly. And despite it all, they’re still better than everyone else.

Another piece of evidence which makes me see the crucifixion of Christ as the source of Jewish collective narcissism is the nature of the fake reality movie it has created. Postmodern morality is a victimhood cult; those with historical power (white men) are made to bear the responsibility for all evil inflicted upon powerless minorities throughout history. And no-one has suffered more than the Jews.

This cult of Jewish suffering is best understood as Holocaustianity – the replacement of Christ’s suffering with Jewish collective suffering as the core motif of Western civilisation. This is our public religion today. It all ultimately derives from Talmudic Jewish theology – that the unique role of the Jews is to redeem and rule the world at some point in the (near) future.

Everything that Christians believe about Jesus, the Jews believe about themselves.

Narcissists regularly use the technique of gaslighting on their victims – pretending to be something they aren’t or saying things that are obviously untrue in order to psychologically destabilise their co-dependent victims and make them doubt their hold on reality. This increases the co-dependent’s need for the narc to mediate and control reality for the victim.

Fellow white people

When the codependent victim trapped in the narcissist’s fake reality movie starts to point out logical inconsistencies, or even go so far as to point out how the narcissistic is hurting people, the narc will respond by accusing the accuser of hypersensitivity. They will use gaslighting to bring the victim back into the matrix, and be sure to exact revenge on the target later.

The criticism that the narcissist launches at their victim is usually projection. This is the standard gaslighting tactic.

Narcissists are always paranoid. Relying as they do on narcissistic supply from their co-dependent targets, they are hypersensitive to criticism. They also make everything about them.

Narcissists are capable of experiencing fleeting joy, but this is only when they are able to demonstrate power over others. A narc is happiest when they can humiliate a critic while still appearing powerless and innocent themselves. The narc uses trauma-based mind control tactics on others to break their will and make them into useful co-dependent sources of narcissistic supply for the abuser.

The false logic of the fake reality movie created by the narcissist for their victims unravels over time, usually snaring the narcissist in their own nets, and requiring more force to hold together as time goes on.

Narcissists must maintain their own false, idealised self-image by viciously destroying critics or they will be destroyed by self-loathing and abandoned by former sources of narcissistic supply. It’s no accident therefore that Jews created comic books and superhero culture.

The first DC Comics hero was Dr Occult. The creators later developed Superman, who is basically a false Messiah. Talmudic themes dominate superhero narratives, and the stories reinforce Jewish beliefs about their collective future role in the salvation and redemption of the world. Superman is basically Jewish.

AISH Superman

JJ Superman

Driven out of New York by Thomas Edison for the smutty content in their films, Jewish Yiddish film-makers went to California and founded Hollywood. They then set about creating a fake reality movie for the entire world, which has turned into the globohomo matrix the normies inhabit.

These are the passive, seductive tactics used by covert narcs to ensnare their targets and keep them on the narc supply plantation. Overt narcs, however, prefer to use raw power to destroy victims; and as someone who has experienced the vicious slander of Jewish groups like the ECAJ, I can attest that this tactic is very much used to protect Jewish collective narcissism.

As with all narcs, however, this enforcement structure is losing power over time, as people wake up to the hypocrisy.

The narcissist will use emotive smear terms like ‘Nazi’ against their co-dependent targets, while openly displaying exactly the behaviours associated with their smear.

Within families, the dynamic created by a narcissistic parent is fascinatingly uniform. The spouse will either be a co-dependent or another narc; a partner in crime. The children will be assigned one of three roles, which can change over time as the narc requires: the scapegoat, which the narcissist projects all of their feelings of self-loathing and self-disgust onto; the golden child, a projection of the narc’s ideal self-image, whose role is to be perfect in order to validate the narc; and the invisible child, who must appear calm and affable to outsiders, and is ignored by the narc. Over time, the golden child can become the scapegoat and vice versa, should the power of the narc over their children require it.

This dynamic is clearly obvious in the roles assigned to the various goy races in our Holocaustian culture: we whites are scapegoats, the brown races are the golden children and Asians are the invisible children. These roles may be reversing between whites and Muslims, however. The Zionist Jewish right is seeking to associate whites with Israel, in order to scapegoat the Muslims. Either way, it’s the same old scam.

The narcissist is also unable to empathise…

… and use the fact that psychologically normal people wouldn’t ever think someone could lie or fake events to their own advantage.

The narc will also rely upon post-hoc rationalisations to justify attacking their victims. Muslims were Jews’ favourite minority until Greater Israel’s expansion in the Middle East caused an anti-Jewish backlash in the Muslim world, and Muslims gained greater victim status among the Western Marxist left than Jews. Now orthodox-leaning Zionist Jews devote enormous energy to making whites, particularly Christians, hate Muslims.

Given the incompatibility of Christianity and Islam, this isn’t difficult. What Zionist Jews like Roseanne and Laura Loomer don’t point out though is that Talmudic Judaism is more similar to Islam than Christianity, and while Sharia law is bad, the Noahide Laws are even worse. Zionist orthodox Jews believe that one day all ‘Noahides’ (i.e. goyim) will be put under the Noahide Laws by a world government out of Jerusalem. Steve and Jana Denoon, both Jews living in Israel who have become Christians, are former Chabad Lubavitch members doing great work warning Christians about what the Zionist supremacists around Trump are planning.

The Noahides were signed into American law by Bush I in 1991, and the Chabad network around the world, led by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, has laid the groundwork for their adoption worldwide.

Will they succeed? Maybe briefly. Jesus told us, though, that there will be a massacre in Judea unlike any other at some point just before Jesus’ return. I hope not, but narcs always destroy themselves after they’ve destroyed as many other people as they can. It’s just the nature of evil.

Narcissists are never able to keep up the charade forever. Eventually, all their lies come back on them. The process takes a long time, but always begins with the victims of the narcissist beginning the notice the moral and logical inconsistencies of the narcissist’s fake reality movie.

That process is well underway for the Jewish collective.

The solution for the former targets of the narc is to cut off their narcissistic supply by refusing to participate in their bogus reality anymore. We can do this by speaking truths plainly and without fear. Strict boundaries with the narc are necessary for this to work.

The danger for us, though, is the reaction of the Jews as the mask slips and criticism intensifies. As the movie falls apart and the reality of the hypocrisy is revealed, the narcissist will go to whatever lengths they must to take revenge on a world which doesn’t acknowledge their unique suffering, moral perfection and superior self-image.

Narcissists fear revelation of the truth more than anything else. In a narc’s world, the truth always brings catastrophe.

They fear the apocalypse.


The Trump presidency represents the peak of global Jewish power. The fanatical Zionists like John Bolton and the Chabad Lubavitch supremacists like Jared Kushner know that they have a short window to bring about their Greater Israel plans for global domination. But it all relies on a co-dependent Western world continuing to play their part in someone else’s movie. As the world wearies of the pretense and begins to demand a return to truth and reality, what lengths might these narcissists go to?

Samson Option