HoC Season 6

House of Cards Season 6, or How to Brainwash NPCs After Trump

I have a confession to make.

I don’t want to, but it’s always best to face your sins, acknowledge them and repent before God.

In public, if necessary. So here goes.

Sometimes I watch Netflix.

So solly

Yeah I know. It’s dirty and I should stop.

But Narcos was really good. It was the best portrayal of a shithole I’ve seen.

So much blow.

They left out the part in which the CIA basically established the drug trade to get money for their black ops; a strategy they still use in countries like Afghanistan. Under the Taliban, Afghanistan produced about 180 tonnes of opium annually. It’s now 7000.

But still, it was a good show. My wife got sick of me saying “Mi Punta!” with my chin pushed out menacingly after a couple of weeks.

Mi Punta!

As usual though, too many titties. So unnecessary. Anyway. At least it wasn’t propaganda created to make white men just give up and want to kill themselves.

Which can’t be said for the dreary political hellscape that is House of Cards.

HoC Season 6
Late stage imperial decadence.

If you haven’t watched it, don’t. It might permanently lower your testosterone. All the spoilers are here anyway.

The season picks up after former President Frank Underwood had to step down and was murdered because actor Kevin Spacey is a boy-raping pervert of political scandals. His wife Claire becomes the president, and in keeping with the Crooked Hillary smackdown of 2016 and the #metoo scandals around the show, it becomes a biopic for the cultural revolution against white male tyranny.

President Claire is the amazing strong womon who spends most of the season monologuing about how she’s been condescended to all her life by tyrannical men. In the very first scene of the season, she is being briefed by a panel of security staff about all of the ‘threats’ she is receiving from those RWNJ alt-right boyim. According to her staff, a credible threat has been made by a deranged white nationalist and former soldier who thinks Claire is a “Jew c*nt”.

I wonder if the ADL had input into that wording. Or maybe new Netflix producers the Obamas helped.

The psychological manipulation continues, as later in the season the first womon president uses a (false) smear of Russian collusion to take down a very white male vice president trying to impeach her, and then appoints an all-female cabinet after she fires the old one.

The triumphant music as she opens the door and shows a bunch of Boomer wimmin sitting around the table is vomit-inducing. References to the time of ‘middle-aged white males’ being over, not doing well, being over the hill, etc. are constant. An obviously Eastern European Ashkenazi-Jewish neocon deep state spook, who flashes way too much elderly sideboob and happens to be consumed with hatred for Russian leader Putin Pavlov, tells the womon president that “Simone de Beauvoir was right about everything”.

That would be the bisexual Marxist-feminist who agitated for pedophilia acceptance and was banned from teaching in France after she was found to be sexually exploiting her students. The one who is used to indoctrinate just about every undergraduate womon in the tyrannical, patriarchal West today. That Simone de Beauvoir.

Single white land whale is triggered

This is the type of tedious agitprop we hear constantly from the womon president:

“I’m not going to be told what to do anymore, Doug. Not by you, not by any man.” 

This is said just before she has a bunch of people assassinated for knowing too much.

How empowered. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of the nature of every female workplace sociopath I’ve had the displeasure to encounter, though. They’re masters at getting others to pull the trigger while projecting their guilt onto their targets.

What made it most obvious, however, that the Trump era has changed the way the elites must present themselves to the NPC zombies is that the curtain is pulled back just a little to acknowledge that were scoffed at before the 2016 campaign. Politicians are shown as not being in charge, but as  self-obsessed actors who do what they are told by the oligarchs. Womon President Claire has a series of flashbacks to reveal the childhood abuse and trauma which created her damaged, sociopathic personality. There is a phony alt-media YouTuber who is funded by the corporate oligarchs as part of a political strategy to discredit people and views that particular oligarchic faction doesn’t want to take hold. We know that happens all the time.

The womon president also acknowledges that think tanks form part of the government. This might not sound like much, but an enormous part of the shadow government or deep state that normiecons have been so fired up about since 2016 revolves around organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. These are the entities which drive globalism forward, and are the tools used by the money power to create policy and spin the black ops of the intelligence agencies. They are behind the wreckage of the West.

The systematic blackmailing of congressmen and congresswimmin is also openly acknowledged, as well as how oligarchic factions use big data and control of the prestigious MSM mastheads to manipulate the NPCs, pressure politicians and create false realities.

Orange Man Bad

All of this is yuge. Such views were outside the normie Overton Window of acceptable discourse even just three years ago. Now they’re mainstream. The elite have had to incorporate such admissions into the Acceptable NarrativeTM that goes out to the normiesphere. This shows how much ground we’ve taken in the last few years when it comes to pushing the Overton and making National Socialism great again.

Nah lol jks. I hate socialism. Even when it’s Prussian.

Maybe one day soon we’ll see Netflix shows which are forced to admit that the CIA and NSA seedfunded the big tech companies like Google and Facebook, and have contracts with Amazon which have enabled Jeff Bezos to buy CIA-run MSM mastheads like the Washington Post and become the richest earthling in the galaxy.

Given that the big tech companies have more power than the president these days, this means that essentially we are ruled by drug-dealing spooks. Narcos and House of Cards united in the same show. Could be a hit.

There are still many normies to whom that list of facts sounds like crazy conspiracy theories. There’s a reason for that.

When the evil oligarchic corporate faction opposed to our womon hero is planning her assassination, one of the plotters mentions the ‘conspiracy theories’ which will be generated as a result. The interaction is revealing:

“‘And what about all the conspiracy nonsense we’ll be hearing?” 

“The theories are a useful distraction, and eventually they consume themselves. History will back us up on that.”

Well sheeit. You mean to say that oligarchic interests who conspire against the people might create and spread outlandish conspiracy theories in order to discredit legitimate investigation and hide their crimes, keeping the masses distracted, disorganised and fighting each other, and not them?

Conspiracies about conspiracies
Jet fuel can’t melt tinfoil.

The arch-nemesis of our womon hero is a corporate oligarch named Bill Shepherd, whose corporation makes profits by poisoning towns and hiding the evidence. He mouthes wishy-washy libertarian talking points while using the power of the state to cement corporate oligarchy; he says he wants to dismantle the CIA and FBI and turn Washington back into a small town again.

That sounds like a great idea. The thing is though, if he did that, Bill wouldn’t be able to leverage the state machine to shut down competitors and keep poisoning all those towns. He’d have to compete. Corporations don’t like competition. That’s why they love big government.

No corporate oligarch is a libertarian. They’re statists. They want Reagan-style small government; that is, the massive expansion of government so they can get juicy contracts and stifle small business growth, thus preventing competition.

US national debt

This is one of the many falsehoods upon which the neoliberal left-neoconservative right political dialectic of the last 30 years has been based. It is all built on phony rhetoric rather than reality.

A constant theme throughout the season is that ‘oligarchs’ and ‘corporate interests’ are coming after the wimmin, le gayz, the PoCs and all the other historical victims of WASP hegemony. Bill, who represents the evil corporate WASP oligarch stereotype, is an irritable bully who just happens to be dying of a tumour while ranting about how America is too socialist and the country is in decline. He is frequently interrupted by brave wimmin and PoCs who call out his evil WASPishness.



Another of the falsehoods, of course, is that white men rule. That we have privilege. This is utterly false. White men are the untermenschen of postmodernity. We have fewer rights and worse opportunities now than other groups, yet we are still vilified constantly in the media. This false narrative enables the Western Marxist bait-and-switch when it comes to who the Bad Guys are who need to be overthrown. One minute, Bill is evil because he’s an angry white male libertarian who wants to defend the ‘patriarchy’; the next minute, he’s evil because he owns politicians and operates as an invisible third party in American politics. Such false narratives serve to keep the NPCs confused, and prevent detection of exactly which groups have the real power in our societies.

If you want to find out who they are, start criticising them. It’s not rocket science.

You Know Who

This type of NPC propaganda wants to have it both ways. Either the villain Bill Shepherd is a libertarian, or he’s a corporatist. Those things are kinda mutually exclusive. The NPCs who watch these shows though have never thought any of that through, and so for them libertarian white guys are the new bourgeoisie that needs to be kulaked and gulaged to bring about utopia.

Onward to utopia, comrades!

As always, Marxism updates itself like software to keep the bottom half of the genetic bell curve going out to marches, virtue-signalling on social media and fighting The Man. Whoever that happens to be at the time.

These false neo-Marxist narratives also created the dialectic which has framed the culture wars. For those who reject the Western Marxist Kool Aid, they then come to identify as ‘conservatives’. What conservatives have managed to conserve is entirely unclear, but they will tell you proudly that at least they don’t do ‘identity politics’, and that this makes them better than those evil racists in the dissident right.

And all the while, they never notice the demographic replacement of the West, the moral corruption, the financialisation of every aspect of life and subsequent debt enslavement, the Luciferian culture creeping in progressively each generation as the permanent cultural revolution against all that is good destroys our civilisation.

But at least they weren’t racist.

Bill is dying, and so are we. And the makers of House of Cards are cheering.

“Where do you think we’ll be in ten years?” 

“I dunno. Things don’t really change, Bill. They just fade away.” 

“God I’m angry.” 

The people who make this propaganda want us to just fade away, angry and sick. They believe they are the future, and we are the past.

I don’t think so. We built the greatest civilisation the world has ever known. We mapped the continents, plunged the oceans and reached the stars. None have come close to our accomplishments.

We did it. Not them.

The Right Stff

Since the war, we let ourselves be enslaved to pleasure and made blind by ignorance. We succumbed to a hostile elite who obscured their agenda by hiding among us. We stopped fighting, because we didn’t know who our enemy is.

We let our good nature and our openness be weaponised against us. We let ourselves be deceived.

In a climactic scene in the final episode, the womon president is having a dialogue with herself as a young womon. Her younger self asks if she is going to kill her dead husband’s former employee, who is threatening to expose her. She ends up stabbing him while heavily pregnant inside the Oval Office. What she says during her internal monologue makes it clear who our enemy is.

“Our god, hail Lucifer! Beware!” 

They’re not even hiding it anymore.

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