Ideologues Are Haters

One day in the near future humanity will wake up, as if from a nightmare, and wonder how the orgiastic violence of the last century could ever have happened. What dark power took hold of Cambodia in the late 70’s, leading men who should have been working to provide for their families to instead dash babies’ brains against trees while impaling their parents on spikes after them? What motivated Japanese young men in the 30s to rape, torture and murder most anything that came across their path? What madness led European boys in the 1910’s to cheerfully march into machine guns and artillery fire, and to continue doing so for four years before what was left of them limped home and tried to explain it for the rest of their lives? What led their sons to do much the same, creating bone fields in Eastern Europe which can still be seen stretching across the horizon? Everywhere on the planet you go, you will be near a site where it was as though someone turned on a meat-mincer at some time during the 20th century and fed it humans. What can account for this?

Religion. Not the religions which are routinely blamed for all the violence in history, except Islam (the bodycount of which is about to explode). The forces which have spawned hell periodically throughout the last century are not usually thought of as religions. This is their genius. If you were to encounter a hardcore Marxist-Leninist today, you would probably not think to yourself that he is a religious fanatic. He is, though. Lacking any metaphysical basis for your religious belief does not mean that it is not a religion. The distinguishing feature of modernity since its beginning has been the rebirth of mystery religion – cult faiths which are premised on philosophical ideals rather than a metaphysical deity. If you find this assertion impossible to swallow, take this red pill. Moldbug’s done such justice to the claim that there is little for me to add.

One common element of all ideologies modern mystery cults is that they invert what is virtuous in Christianity toward what is vicious. They appeal to the basest elements of our flawed human nature – envy, greed, lust, pride and sloth. Scratch the facade of any placard-waving young socialist and you will find a person discontent about their bad looks or angry at their wealthy parents or just there to get laid with feminist chicks. They’re all angry at God reality about something, and that there exist people who have what they lack or represent what they hate drives them crazy. The murder-orgies of modernity are the extreme manifestations of cultish evil – more everyday nastiness can be found wherever ideologues cluster. Mystery cults don’t create evil people, but rather cultivate our evil and repress our good nature to create the zombie hordes of entitlement and discontent.

Of course Christianity still exerted such a strong hold on European culture and thought until very recently that these mystery cults had to graft themselves easily onto a Christian worldview. In the case of American Progressivism, this was done rather explicitly. Through the theological innovation of a social gospel, early 20th century Progressives were able to pay lip-service to Christianity while building temples to Marxism. Their intellectual descendants today rule the Western establishment, and though they have violently jettisoned any reference to Christianity they reverently give their worship to a bastardised idea of Christian repentance. To Cultural Marxists, however, the original sin is whiteness and the penance is the destruction of European identity. Marx himself, who was a fervent Christian as an adolescent but seems to have fallen out with his maker, instead took the principles of equality before God and charity toward man and reversed their intent, so that equality became class warfare and charity became stealing. Rousseau, on whom much of the early blame for these mystery cults can be pinned, created through his vapid doggerel a cult which sought to return humanity to an Edenic state of innocence through the abandonment of property and the worship of reason itself. When the revolutionary Jacobins imposed this foolish religion on the people of France, even the madman Robespierre distanced himself from it.

The murder-orgies which occurred outside Europe also had their roots in twisted versions of traditional religion. The Taiping Rebellion, the second-most deadly conflict in world history and one I’m sure you didn’t hear about in school, emerged from a fusion of Christianity with Chinese philosophy by Han Chinese dissidents against Manchu rule. Although here the link with a poorly-understood version of Christianity was clear, it was primarily used as a unifying principle for a rebellion against the Qing who were seen as having lost the mandate of heaven. Religion is important due to its function in unifying large groups of humanity in common cause. All achievements of scale by large numbers of people have relied upon the cohesive function of religion in order to be brought about. Without religion, there is no civilisation.

Identifying religion, especially perverted and hybrid offshoots from Christianity, as the force which has created the murder-orgies of modernity has several implications. The first, of course, is that these bastard cults must be eradicated. This is a problem, as every school and university in the world and particularly in the West preaches these mystery cults without refrain to eager and plastic young minds every day. Propaganda for them is constant and government-supported. The only difference between what Palestinian children imbibe daily and what Swedish children do is one of content, not substance. Our age is becoming more radically cultic, not less. The fanatics are on the march, and the few who might oppose them lack an understanding of the nature of the fight. It is not a hopeful situation, however history is replete with examples of tables being turned against all odds. Who knows, maybe we won’t descend completely into a dark age of cultish and morbid slavery.

Let’s say we’re successful then. Once these cults have been eradicated, what are we to do? The vacuum they leave will be filled by something. There are many imams, no doubt, who expect the replacement will be Islam. What else is there? What other faith could there possibly be that has a proven track record of sustaining Western culture and civilisation, is familiar enough to Western minds that it could be adopted quickly and supports the affirmation and protection of human well-being rather than its destruction?