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Kavanaugh and the coven

If you defend the presumption of innocence you are a rape apologist.

That’s the leftist narrative anyway. I know the media is the exomechanism to torment us for loosh feeding but I can’t help myself. I have a morbid obsession with the Kavanaugh case. I have the same queasy and foreboding feeling in my stomach as on the night of the US election 2016. When Trump won, I had not jubilation. I had instead a deep, serious feeling of ‘whoa, now it’s on’.

I’ve been asked if I’m a Christian and what type. I still don’t have an answer to that question. I know I’ve never felt more Christian than when confronted by the lillithot-possessed shriekazoids attempting to sacrifice U.S Supreme court Brett Kavanagh, even more so than when I staggered backwards while washing up, realizing that I may be what I called ‘accidentally Christian’ when contemplating our Australian laws, what was important to me and my sense of right and wrong, and how much I valued personal honesty, integrity and principles. Creeping sharia and transdemons teaching your children anal sex can inspire those kinds of revelations.

But the individual soul as belonging to God, unless you’re an organic portal, has been something that I’ve never had to question. The presumption of innocence has always felt connected to that. Like not wiping out whole families for an individual’s crimes. It is the basis of our western law. Civilisation vs barbarism.

Christine Halsey Ford is the perfect Abigail in this crucible. The witch always screams out in pain as she casts her spell.  She is surrounded by her legal and political coven, but she will be discarded when she is of use no more. She has a doctorate in psychology from which to draw when crafting her little girl lost persona, is a rabid anti-Trumper and has ties to Corcept Therapeutics abortion pill manufacturers. Though Kavanaugh has described Roe vs Wade and the right to abortion as ‘settled’ and an ‘important precedent’, the left fears that Kavanaugh, potentially the next Supreme Court Justice, may put restrictions on their ability to freely offer their sacrifices to Moloch.

I’m very familiar professionally with the dynamics of trauma and memory. Ford does not convince me, either of the particular experience she claims or the subsequent decades-long PTSD requiring the second door.  Either way, Kavanaugh should not be forever condemned for a teenage grope. She could be MK Ultra’d, she could be lying, so could Kavanaugh. But none of this matters. What matters is that Kavanaugh is afforded the presumption of innocence and is fairly judged with due process according to the law.

What we saw in that hearing was a Kafkaesque farce and bloodless bloodthirsty hordes wielding cool weaselese instead of burning torches.  If the left succeeds in the destruction of this man and his family, and the undermining of the law as we know it, it’s a fulcrum point. A line will have been crossed. I’ve started to think even more seriously about concealed carry – and I’m Australian. We were disarmed via our own fairdinkum false flag Port Arthur. I do have some pretty powerful reiki and a smudge stick though ☺ I’m laughing at myself here but sage in smudge sticks disinfects the air of bacteria. I’ve been contemplating the idea that dark influences have a biological component, and there is some intriguing research regarding that area. I certainly believe in spiritual virus’s inhabiting bloodline hosts.  But we won’t talk about that. We only just met. 

I’m no fan of statistboi Kavanaugh, but this is not really about Kavanaugh. This is not about avenging Christine Halsey Ford and her alleged sexual assault, or even assault victims everywhere. We know the left is the greatest abuser and promoter of abuses against women and children. Kavanaugh is merely a symbol; not only a political adversary but a White Man with power.  Even worse, someone who, with his family, PRAYED FOR THEM. Could there be anything more guaranteed to infuriate the demonrats into a rolling eyed, slathering, psychotic frenzy of repulsion and rage? He must be cremated in their care, a burning man, as they dance until he, and western civilisation, are annihilated and fallen into ashes, until evoked to rise again transmogrified in their image.

The vampires are at the door.

brett kavanaugh

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