In school you were probably indoctrinated with one or both of two historiologies: the accidental and the progressivist theory of history. Both require great leaps of faith. The accidental theory of how history operates is premised upon scientific materialism, if it is premised upon anything at all. Proteins and amino acids bumped together in puddles until they made DNA then one day, poof! The Holy Roman Empire. It’s always struck me how much doublethink is required for such an outlandish philosophy of how history operates, and the low value this belief system places on human life. According to this faith, you’re a well-behaved monkey.

If you are under 30, you almost certainly received mainly the Cultural Marxist progressivist programming. In this narrative the great Problem of History (you know you’re in trouble when concepts get capitalised – it’s a sure sign of German Idealism) is intolerance. Not all intolerance mind you, just the intolerance of non-self-hating straight white Christian males against everyone else. Adherents might call this Repressive Tolerance, although most school teachers are not initiated into these esoteric higher texts. Lessons propagating this philosophy of history would have required you to read historical ‘texts’ as confirming the existence of white patriarchy, patriarchy everywhere. Before the hippies, white men were Saruman after he went nasty, cutting down all the trees and enslaving the poor little hobbitses. Although according to this faith system, the hobbits were blacks, womyn, natives and any precious petal who mightn’t have been macho enough. If you are a white male yourself, sitting in these lessons was the equivalent of cerebral self-harm. It isn’t pretty, but there must be some sort of thrill as the razor hits the skin, otherwise why would so many people do it? Virtue signalling doesn’t come cheap.

The metahistorical belief systems you have been programmed with in our institutions of lower indoctrination are wrong. History is not accidental nor explained by a shallow identity determinism. It is directed. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I would not insult your intellect by expounding a simplistic conspiracy theory view of history. Unless it was correct. Which it is.

Constantly throughout history, complex patterns which bring about a seemingly predetermined outcome recur. The clearest trend one can identify in the modern period, for example, is the consistent and incremental centralisation of transnational global power. Since the Congress of Vienna, which incidentally was convened following the French Revolution, birth of the secular modern state and subsequent conquests of Napoleon (problem > reaction > solution… remember that pattern), the rulers of the world have been steadily granting more and more power to supernational bodies which are not accountable to anyone. No matter the political system the ruler presides over – democratic socialist, autocratic communist, fascist, etc – the trend is the same. The average voting worker slave of the global debt farm would be shocked at how much influence these global bodies have over the industry he works in, what and how his child is taught, the price of his utilities and (soon) the currency he uses, among other things. The only plausible explanation for this centuries-old pattern is that it is directed. This view, also called the Hidden Hand theory of history, is premised upon the understanding that there is an intellect or intellects directing events over time to achieve a preordained outcome. History has a Plan.

Another trend over time which is too complex and consistent to be accidental is our slide into the moral slime. Behaviours that a century or two ago would have had you shunned, dead in a duel or brought before a magistrate are now just snippets of our daily life. So you ‘dated’ a girl, got her pregnant, convinced her to have an abortion and then dumped her because you ‘just weren’t ready to commit’? That type of conduct would have made you dead at the hands of her relatives until very recently. She would have eked out a life of shame perhaps afterward. These days, it’s just a short section of your Facebook feed. Our ancestors would find our treatment of others repulsive. This steady dilution of moral standards has been no accident. The pattern has been too consistent for that.

The mechanism by which these patterns can be perceived is best understood using the dialectical model of Hegel. Hegel was a government-sponsored writer of gibberish who posed as a philosopher, but his gibberish had an impact. His unprovable ideas and impenetrable writing style dominated German philosophy for nearly two centuries. It is suspicious that Hegel’s Big Idea, the dialectical method for understanding historical change, proceeded not from careful reasoning but seemingly through revelation. Hegel’s ramblings are so all-over-the-place that it is impossible to see how he arrived at the dialectical method. Unless it was revealed to him.

The pattern mentioned before of problem > reaction > solution describes well how historical change emerges. It also formed the basis for the political philosophy of ‘scientific’ socialism developed by an upper-middle-class, hirsute, unemployed, wife-beating, alcoholic scribbler: Karl Marx.

Marx did his PhD thesis on Hegel and developed Hegel’s idea into ‘dialectic materialism’, the philosophical foundation of communism. This was the wellspring which made a million murders bloom. Over two hundred million, actually. If ever a system of ideas was made for murder, envy, strife and the multiplication of misery, it’s the work of Marx and Engels.

There is an account which has survived from Marx’s uneducated servant woman (whom he sometimes used for sex and fathered an illegitimate child by). She told people that Herr Marx was very religious; she has seen him in his room with candles performing his rituals. Although born Jewish and a passionate Christian as a teenager, Marx had long since renounced either faith. As a young adult, he wrote thunderous verse about giving himself over to rage and violence and bringing the world to destruction. Marx wasn’t performing Jewish or Christian rituals. He was communicating with the intellect that gave him his ideas and directives. He was talking to the devil.