Big Mouth

Netflix animation celebrates pedophilia, abortion & masturbation for pre-teens

In most of the world, if you push sex onto pre-teens, you go to jail. Most of the world, except Netflix.

The girls that demon is singing to are 11. In the story their characters are said to be a little older, but when you look at their height compared to adults, they’re 11. Or younger.

When I was 11, we did shit like this.

tug of war

And this.

riding a bike

And this.

building lego

But of course what we really wanted to do was make out with each other.


Or at least, according to the creators of Big Mouth, that’s what we really wanted to do. In the minds of these pedophilia propagandists, 11-year-olds are so consumed with issues of body transformation, heterosexual yearnings, homosexual yearnings, desires to masturbate and illicit lusts, that they are liberating kids by creating a show styled after The Simpsons which depicts all of those things in high-res. Between kids.

Twitter cover photo

And the kids just happen to be groomed by two demons, who mentor them in how to do things like talk to their genitals.

Big Mouth vagina

Big Mouth talking vagina

That’s right. There are people in our society who think it’s funny and cool to watch a show depicting an 11-year-old girl talking to her vagina. This is where we’re at now.

The far left pervert media are shilling hard to make the normies think this is normal, of course. It’s the same shtick we’ve seen since Weimar – perversion is liberation, degeneracy is sophistication, corruption is enlightenment. Typical Satanic inversion.

From the Vanity Fair article:

But Missy is more than a modern-day answer to Lisa Simpson—precocious, compassionate, led by a strong moral compass. She’s also an innocent little nerd whose breathless, high-pitched voice belies the hormonal pre-teen within. Her budding sexuality outpaces her physical development; she’s frequently masturbating this season, even though she still has the body of a child. Repressed girls like her tend to be the butt of jokes in TV series and movies—like Alyson Hannigan’s flute-playing character in the American Pie films. But rather than making fun of Missy’s juvenile explorations of sexuality—she masturbates with her favorite childhood toy, a stuffed worm, in an act her family calls “worm dancing”—Big Mouth treats her experimentation as completely normal, if shameful when enacted, say, at a giant sleepover held in the school’s gym.

People need to go to jail over this. A jail full of angry, brutal men who really don’t like pedophiles.

We could start with the two pedophilia-pushing perverts who created the series – Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. They’re both Jews, but of course that’s just an irrelevant and unnecessary fact which you shouldn’t notice.

They both have demons swimming with children in a pool of condoms as their Twitter cover photos.

Andrew Goldberg


Western societies, and America in particular, have been experiencing a multi-decade moral subversion which has been carried out intentionally and strategically. The gleeful corruption of innocence and degradation of society evinced here by the work of Goldberg and Kroll is similar to what we see across the Jewish-controlled entertainment industry. There is something sick about these people. It’s as if, after centuries of having to pretend to conform to Christian cultural norms in Central and Eastern Europe, these Ashkenazim immediately seized the opportunity to subvert American liberalism and create a society in the image of their cultural norms.

Those norms just happen to be Satanic.

Kids are going to watch this show. The characters look like The Simpsons, and with mum exhausted and dad distracted after long hours slaving to feed the debt monster, these kids will find a way to watch it. And they’ll be made more cynical, more nihilistic, more perverse as a result. And the civic nationalist ‘classical liberals’ will defend the ‘free speech’ of the scumbags who made this abomination.

At least for now. One day, though, we will remember ourselves. We will remember that we are not men who tolerate the perversion of children. We are not people who submit to open and shameless Satanism. We are not pedophiles.

When that day comes, the corrupters and the moral inverters will no longer be able to carry on with their schemes.

For them, winter is coming.

NB – This article previously made reference to the Podesta brothers being of Jewish origin. That was incorrect. They’re of Greek heritage.

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27 thoughts on “Netflix animation celebrates pedophilia, abortion & masturbation for pre-teens

  1. Raised Methodist here. When I was going through adolescence, I was absolutely obsessed with sex. So was every single Christian I knew. Anybody who says they were playing tug-o-war and riding bikes and completely oblivious to the development of the opposite sex (and masturbating like crazy) is a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE!

    As in… yes, young teens masturbate. IT’S NATURAL! Why do you people continue to hold it up like it’s some shameful act? You do it every single day, I imagine. If you don’t, you are the one doing the unnatural thing.

    Also, David Hilton, you didn’t say “shit” in a published article, because Jerry Falwell or Billy Graham would have damned you to hell, just like you’re doing to these animators.

    It’s FICTION, you fuckwit. They are metaphors for teenage impulses, not “demons.” You have a PhD and read pop culture texts literally? I’m stumped. Take a polygraph that you never touched yourself, Hilton. Not once, from the time you were “11” to the present day. Do it in front of God and everybody, who is watching you give false witness to these Jews and heathens. I double dog dare you.

      1. Lying is not going to get you to heaven, buddy. You and Jesus know what you do with your little genitals. It has nothing to do with me.

        Ad hominem attacks won’t save you, and you know it. Attack away, though, if it lessens your guilt. I’m more than strong enough to survive some Christian In Name Only hypocrite calling me names. It means nothing to me. It’s the M.O. of all of you types, and though I certainly am comfortable with my lack of wisdom, if there’s one thing I’m not “ignorant” of regarding you false and cruel people, it’s that!

  2. Okay so a few things:

    1. This show is only on Netflix, that means that if kids were to watch this show, it would be because they weren’t on the “kids only” option from the main screen, which is not the fault of Big Mouth producers, it’s the fault of the parents.
    2. The fact that they’re Jewish should have had nothing to do with your article. I can’t believe that you would disrespect the religion of your beloved Jesus.
    3. When Jessie talked to her vagina, it wasn’t sexual. When Missy and Jessie learned about body positivity, it wasn’t sexual. When Nick and Andrew kissed, IT WASN’T SEXUAL. It’s not pedophilia if it isn’t sexual. it’s . coming of age story. Kids are learning about their bodies and about their sexuality. It is natural and normal. This show isn’t for kids, it’s for adults to reminisce and laugh about their awkward adolescent days.

    1. When I was a teen I was fucking weird man. So yeah, Watching this show tbh gives me a weird sense of “Oh my god now I remember Oh no”

      1. Jesus hated the Talmud?

        Funny, that’s not what it says…

        “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” (Matthew 5:17-18)

        1. The Talmud is NOT the Law or the Prophets. The Talmud contradicts the Old Testament, and Jesus rejected these “traditions.” (cf. Matt. 15/Mk. 7)

          1. Please, without citing white supremacist websites, where the Talmud “contradicts the ‘Old Testament'” and please state which translation of the “Old Testament” you are referring to, and what that translation is based from (i.e. the Greek translation, “Septuagint” or the Latin translation “St Jerome’s Vulgate”) and please explain any discrepancies from the original Hebrew/Aramaic which may exist due to the multiple stages of translations performed (i.e. Hebrew original -> Greek/Latin version -> English version).

            Also, please explain how Jesus, who existed about 400 years after the death of the last Hebrew prophet (Malachi) was in a better position to understand the words of the Prophets than Judah haNasi (“The Prince”) who recorded the Mishna (the core part of the “Talmud”) to paper nearly 300 years before Jesus existed.

      2. Romans 11:1-6
        “1. I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means! I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin. 2. God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew. Don’t you know what Scripture says in the passage about Elijah—how he appealed to God against Israel: 3. “Lord, they have killed your prophets and torn down your altars; I am the only one left, and they are trying to kill me” 4. And what was God’s answer to him? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” 5. So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. 6. And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.”

  3. This has a TV-MA rating in the US and in the adult section of Netflix only. It is an outright lie to say its marketed to tweens. It’s disgusting, I agree, but you don’t need to lie. I stopped reading after the first clip just to research more and it would appear from the comments that you make other outrageous claims as well.

    1. well it seems the shows creator SAYS its targeting kids ages 13 and up to watch the show. see for yourself. I found this little interesting tidbit…in this same article he admits that he is aiming his show at 13 year olds, even though Netflix markets the show as an ADULT cartoon:

      Between seasons of Big Mouth, Netflix’s sweetly disgusting animated comedy about puberty, co-creators and executive producers Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett attended a talk by Sue Dunlap, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. “She said to a room full of writers and producers, your donations are very helpful, but what would really help is stories that involve Planned Parenthood in your shows and movies,” Nick Kroll, the other half of the show’s creative team (along with Andrew Goldberg) told The A.V. Club. “That can really move the dial.”

      Already in the business of tackling taboos and wringing laughs out of them, the Big Mouth writers took Dunlap’s challenge, touring one of the reproductive-health organization’s L.A. facilities and devoting an entire episode to telling—through a comedic lens—the truth about a widely misunderstood nonprofit.

      AVC: Do you get the sense the kids are watching, or are even able to watch, Big Mouth? Is it that same tight spot as Eighth Grade, where it’s being kept from the people who’d most benefit from seeing it?

      NK: That’s the advantage of being on Netflix versus trying to put a movie out in theaters. I guess parents can put parental controls on Netflix—we’ve probably dealt with a little of that. I was at my nephew’s bar mitzvah right after the show came out, and my nephew’s friends were like, “We watched this show,” and then I saw their parents and the parents were like, “Our kids are watching the show, and it’s giving them a vocabulary and a platform to talk about these things.”

      Yes, I believe that the show’s incredibly dirty, and if you told me your 13-year-old wasn’t allowed to watch it, I’d be like, sure, I get it. But your 13-year-old is very likely watching or has access to much more crazy, dirty, and disgusting things on the internet that are much less aware of the messages they’re putting out into the world. Selfishly—I made this show—I want as many people to see it as possible. But I’m like, “Let your kids see it and then talk about it.”…1829562016:

  4. well a Jew is responsible for its content arent they? tired of people shouting ANTISEMITIC… why dont the Jews own their bullshit? Fuck the jews, and Islam, and the nazi’s…

  5. your 13-year-old is very likely watching or has access to much more crazy, dirty, and disgusting things on the interne…… I’m like, “Let your kids see it and then talk about it.

    -Nick Kroll, show creator

  6. So you bash the Jews while calling out this sickening evil. If you are a Canadian satanist is that OK? How about an American one. European? Only the JEWS are evil enough to do this? You better keep that RACISM in check when rightfully calling out this filth.

    1. ‘Racism’ is a word you use when you don’t have an argument. The Talmud and the Kabbalah celebrate moral inversion. That’s why Jews gleefully subvert Christian morality everywhere they go. Saying so is not ‘racist’. It’s realist.

      1. As soon as the Zionist have the upper hand.. it’s ” shut it down all rights searches.. ECT the TALMAD discusses the hatred against POC..AN LITTLE BENNY SHAPIRO PRAISES THAT RACIST..GOYIM HATER..RAMBAM HIS WONDERFUL GENIUS MURDERER. BEN WAS ON ROGAN. BEN LOVES WAR..YET WILL NEVER GO FIGHT FOR THE IDF.. IN THE BUM RAM DIVISION OF DWARFS.

  7. tommy, shut the [email protected]#& up, what you’ve been influenced to define as comedy was and is and will be chaotically disgusting and if you enjoy tingling sensations down below watching those type “cartoons”, then you’re a child molestor supporter such as mötley crüe and tommy vext etc…

  8. People are justifying this show because it isn’t marketed towards children. Fine, but why are YOU going to watch it, if you are?

    1. i’ve watched every episoide since the first season a year or 3 ago. good show. if you a weak ass person, emotional or oversensitive “snowflake” , then you will have issues. maybe need counseling or mental health evaluation. not everyone is mentally strong to watch this.

  9. So the author of this post said that at 11 years old he was having so much fun with his friends, and reading books, and playing with his parents and going to church every Sunday?

    Hahhahaah yeah right what a saint……

    Hahah, alright, I also used to do that too, but besides these things that we do when we are 11 years old, since I was 11 years old I started to have sex-ed conversation with some friends, and I even had attraction for 20 year and older women.

    And yes, I had a chance to watch my adult videos and magazines at that age too…….


    This was just an early sexual Awakening for many of us, And there is nothing illegal about it because it was a Natural Awakening.

    Now, in the case of these cartoons, many of them Are toonz intended only for adults!

    But anyways who knows if Netflix is connected to some dark circle , spooky

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