Newfoundland still under snow during unprecedented Canadian blizzard

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador remains under a crippling deluge of snow after a record-breaking ‘bomb cyclone’ hit eastern Canada last week.

The Canadian Armed Forces have been sent to assist the region as locals attempt to dig out from the inundation before another storm hits, according to local news outlet 660 City News.

“Monday morning, we woke up to another load of snow on top of what we already received over the weekend, so it’s just been unlike anything we’ve ever really seen here in the St. John’s area,” said local reporter Ben Murphy from VOCM Local News Now.

Snowfalls up to six feet deep have smothered the region in the last week, leading to many dubbing the storm “Stormageddon”.

While news outlets in Australia are calling for increased government powers to fight global warming due to carbon, North America and East Asia are experiencing regularly colder and longer winters. Along with the increased volcanic activity around the world, this indicates that solar cycles rather than carbon emissions are responsible for climate turbulence around the world.