Secrets of Talmudic Judaism: Kabbalah

This article is the first in a series exploring lesser-known aspects of Judaism.

We’re now nearly twenty years in to our war on radical Islam.

Most of the Middle East is destroyed. We’ve got more alienated and hostile Muslims inside our borders than ever before. And now it seems that program of destruction is going to engulf Persia.

It’s just a matter of time.

Nearly twenty years of war, destruction, terrorism and the loss of civil liberties in the West. Who’s winning?

Someone is.

Maybe it’s time to step back and ask ourselves if these ‘Judeo-Christian’ wars are in our interests.

Are we all pulling in the same direction here?

Who’s paying, and who’s profiting?

The core premise of the Judeo-Christian values advocated for by orthodox Jews like Ben Shapiro and Zionist politicians is that Jews and Christians worship the same God and share the same basic beliefs, and Muslims don’t. This is the fundamental premise of our clash of civilisations. It’s the motivation for many Christians these days to idolise the state of Israel, and call for more wars against the slaves of Allah.

But it’s not true. The god of Talmudic Judaism is not the God of the Bible.

At all.

Christians believe that Judaism is based on the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. Again, that’s a lie.

To begin to understand this deception, we must distinguish between two Judaisms. Torah Judaism is what Christians think Judaism is, and is the religion of ancient Israel. It is based on the written law of Moses. Talmudic Judaism, on the other hand, is the religion of the Pharisees and scribes that Jesus commanded us to beware of (Matthew 16:6-12) and Paul dismissed as “Jewish fables” (Titus 1:14). It is based on the ‘oral law’ of the rabbis, and is a synthesis of the Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religion of antiquity and Canaanite ritual sex magic.

The rabbis teach that the Torah can only be understood by studying the Talmud, and that the Talmud can only be understood through knowledge of the Zohar, the primary text on Kabbalah written down for posterity by rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in the 2nd century AD. And Kabbalah is outright sorcery. It’s witchcraft.

But don’t take my word for it. Let this rabbi fill you in.



Judaism is not based on the Old Testament. It is a religion which uses the language of the Old Testament to conceal doctrines which are outlined in the Talmud, and fully revealed in the Zohar and the mystical practices taught by the rabbis based upon it. Kabbalah translates as ‘that which is received’, and is a mystical religion. When practiced, it is a portal to the demonic.

Most Christians would scoff at the assertion that Judaism is demonic, so let’s look at what rabbis believe.

One word used to denote God in the Bible is Elohim. It’s actually plural, indicating the Trinity right back in Genesis. In Christianity, God (Elohim) created the universe. In Kabbalah, and therefore in Talmudic Judaism however, Elohim was created by another deity known as Ein Sof (Raba Zohar 3 128b). Ein Sof is the most eminent deity of Talmudic Judaism, but is considered to be above the reach of humans. The rabbis teach that Ein Sof enacted creation through ten emanations of itself, and as part of this process Elohim (God) was created. In Kabbalah, Ein Sof has no gender while Elohim is dual-gendered, male and female. It is through a process of sexual union between these masculine and feminine principles that creation occurred.

Yep, Jews believe G-d is a hermaphrodite, and the process of creation was God having sex with zheself.

According to Kabbalah, these ten emanations, called sephirot, couldn’t hold Ein Sof’s emanations and so they shattered. This is the esoteric meaning of the story of the fall, according to Talmudic Judaism.

The ten sefirot of the Tree of Life in Jewish Kabbalah.

These ten sephirot are studied through the form of a tree, which the rabbis teach is the esoteric true meaning behind the Tree of Life in the Bible.

We Christians know, however, that the Tree of Life is Jesus Christ. Here’s a former Jew, Steve Denoon, explaining it.



He and his wife are experiencing persecution for spreading the gospel to Jews and warning Christians about Talmudic Judaism. Pray for them.

Upon close study it becomes clear that the fall narrative of Kabbalah isn’t referring to the fall of Man; it’s referring to the fall of Lucifer. This is the narrative of what happened after Creation from the perspective of Satan, the god of this world (2 Cor 4:4) and the entity behind the creation of Kabbalah and its associated practices.

Kabbalah, and therefore Talmudic Judaism, is literally the religion of anti-Christ. And Christians think it’s Godly. It’s the most astonishing deception in all of church history.


Despite what Christians believe, the symbol on the Israeli flag is the Satanic Seal of Solomon, not the ‘Star of David’.


As an aside, the rabbis teach that when the sephirot shattered, Ein Sof’s being became shards of divine light. Those shards of divine light became the souls of the Jews. Not so for us goyim. Our souls are the same as unclean animals (Kerithoth 6b).

This is the basis for Jewish supremacism and contempt for goyim. We’re spiritually subhuman, according to their religion.

How are those ‘Judeo-Christian values’ sounding right now?

You ready to go fight Iran for freedom now, goy?




As already stated, Talmudic Judaism is a mystery cult with its origins in the ancient mystery religion of Egypt and Babylon. The mystery cults of antiquity were secret societies which promised initiates higher wisdom and the possibility of gaining supernatural powers if they managed to achieve promotion in the cult. Revelation of the secrets of the mystery cults were to be punished with torture and death, much as we see with Freemasonry and Judaism. The justification for such penalties is that higher truths are not for the profane and uninitiated. The truth, however, is that normal people would revile at the demonic practices and repulsive beliefs of the mystery cults if they were made public.

The Babylonian origins of Talmudic Judaism are obvious, and well known to the rabbis themselves, who keep it secret of course in order to deceive Christians.


Rabbis believe that Adam had a wife before Eve named Lilith.


Kabbalah has been the repository and wellspring of Western occultism since the spread of Christianity and the suppression of Gnosticism. It is the basis of the practices and beliefs of all secret societies, including the theosophical religion of Madame Blavatsky, the Thelema religion of Aleister Crowley and the ritual Satanism of such cults as the Ordo Templi Orientis. I can remember well, before I became a Christian, delving into such beliefs and practices through regular visits to the theosophical library on Wickham Terrace in Brisbane. Kabbalah was central to all of it.

Apparently it’s still there.




Theosophy presents itself as a synthesis of the world’s religious truths, but most of the tenets of these various belief systems have come down to us through Jewish Kabbalah.




Practitioners of these various modern forms of the ancient mystery cults will tell you it’s all about knowledge. To some extent, that’s true. I know from personal experience, the stuff works. Ritual magic is real, and the ancient mysteries do seem to conceal forms of knowledge which belong to a long-lost set of civilisations from the time before our own. The Bible speaks of such times as well. The Bible also warns us that all sorcery and secret knowledge brings with it a curse, and ultimately lead to destruction. No matter how benevolent and noble these beliefs and practices appear at first, they are all taught by demons and serve Satan’s agenda which is to steal, kill and destroy. The power such magic brings can be intoxicating, but it will always lead to despair and death.

The deity which Kabbalists focus on the most is Metatron. In the Zohar, Metatron is described as the Messiah of Israel (therefore an anti-Christ). Kabbalists seek Metatron through Merkabah, or Chariot mysticism. The Merkabah is a spiritual vehicle used by Kabbalists to ascend to the throne of Metatron, also known as Metatron’s cube and represented by a six-pointed star.




In the Merkabah and Hekhalot literature of Kabbalah, Metatron refers to himself as the ‘little YHWH (Yahweh)’. He is also referred to as Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). His boastful statements very clearly parallel the words attributed to Lucifer in Isaiah 14. Chullin 44 and Yevamot 16b of the Babylonian Talmud call Metatron ‘the god of this world’, which 2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us is Satan. It’s pretty clear that Metatron, the primary god of the Kabbalah, is Lucifer. And Lucifer, of course, is the angel-of-light aspect Satan presents himself as to deceive the world.

Metatron is Satan LARPing as Jesus and getting fake Jews to go along with it by promising them the world, pretty much.

It’s actually really funny.

All these fools laughing at each other laughing at us Christians, who will finally have the last laugh.


jesus thats funny



Metatron has also made numerous appearances in popular culture. Actually, the more you learn about Kabbalah, the more you realise that exoteric Kabbalah has diffused through society via popular culture for decades.

The Talmudic Jewish Menorah, lit at Chanukah, has its origins in Zoroastrian astrology. The Zoroastrians were the priests who persecuted Daniel and his friends during the exile in Babylon. The Menorah is a relic which directly links back to the Babylonian mystery religion the scribes and priests picked up during the period of exile. Jews know this.

The Talmud provides a post hoc justification for the Menorah by linking it to the Maccabean revolt of the 2nd century BC. It’s a lie, like pretty much everything else in the Babylonian Talmud.

When the Romans depicted the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, which Jesus had prophesied 40 years earlier, they included images of the Menorah they took as spoils.




This shows that, by the first century AD, the blasphemous oral law of the Babylonian mystery religion had replaced the written law of Moses even in the temple. It had become an abomination to God.

The impacts of the Kabbalah upon the world over the last century have been catastrophic. Medieval rabbi Isaac Luria’s formulation of the Kabbalah, the basis for Hermeticism and the Babylonian mystery religion during the Christian era, also strongly influenced the German Idealist philosopher Hegel. It was Hegel who, following his student Fichte, formulated what is known as Hegelian dialectics. Karl Marx, himself descended from a long line of prominent Talmudic rabbis and Kabbalists, used Hegelian dialectics to formulate his own theory of dialectical materialism.

Two hundred million corpses later, we’re still not sure if it works.

The Marxist regimes which broke out across Eurasia in the 20th century were not ‘atheist’. The synagogues and mosques of Russia were left relatively unmolested during the Soviet period. It was the Christian sites, however, which were subjected to rape, murder and torture. Bolshevism wasn’t atheistic, it was Satanic; and its cultural derivative, which has been preached in our universities now for 50 years, is motivated by the same hatred of Christianity.

That hatred comes from the spirit behind those movements, which is the spirit of the god of Judaism, the god of this world: Satan.

Kabbalah is not peripheral to Talmudic Judaism. It is a core element of it.


Kabbalistic hand signs in a mosaic from the Enschede synagogue in Holland.


And Talmudic Judaism is not peripheral to the deception of the church today and the idolisation of the political state that calls itself Israel. It is the result of a centuries-long project of infiltration, subversion and Judaisation of the faith by rabbis and their corrupt enablers. The goal of this program of mind control has been to make Americans, and the rest of the Western church, to identify with Israel as an extension of our own nations.

It’s an intentional deception, and it is rooted in Kabbalah. Here is every foolish Christian’s favourite rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, explaining how Mark Twain was a prophet for the establishment of Israel on the internationally-syndicated Christian show ‘It’s Supernatural!’ with Sid Roth.



Sid Roth’s YouTube channel has 886K subscribers, and the video has been watched 460K times in less than a month.

This is the great Last Days deception of the church Jesus warned us about. It has brought about death, mayhem and destruction, and is about to cause the outbreak of World War III in the Middle East.

And it comes from Talmudic Judaism and Jewish mysticism.

From Kabbalah.

If you wish to learn more about Kabbalah, Talmudic Judaism and the deception of the church, the following sources may be of interest.

The books of Gershom Sholem

Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know, by Deanne Loper

Kabbalah articles on the Chabad Lubavitch website

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  1. I believe that the restoration of the state of Israel is according to Biblical prophecy. I also believe (with less assurance) that Islam, Judaism and Roman Catholicism will merge to form a one world religion. It will be the Antichrist “approved” religion, somewhat like China’s sinicised, psedudo-Christian churches or the Russian Orthodox that was a tool of the Communist regime in the USSR. The one thing it won’t do is glorify the Lord Jesus or permit anything that hinders the work of the Antichrist. I probably won’t be around long enough to see it, but there are already some signs.

    1. I think you’re right, Monty. God said He will make of them a synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9 or 3:9, can’t remember now). He’s using it all for His ends. It’s the complicity of the church in building up that Satanic entity in the Middle East that bothers me though. Funny you mention the USSR. It seems to me the purpose of utopian political idealism has been to destroy the past and any remnant of God’s natural moral order, to make way for the final religious system in the Last Days. You might see it, Monty. Not long now I reckon. God bless you.

  2. Thank excellent..some lines you connected..Dr Michael browns another deep agent…over 4 decades.. heretic.refused in debate with boteach to say yes without JESUS CHRIST.from over 2000 years ago your not living eternity in heaven..boteach said what a good guy he was..asked Brown point blank.. also can an he mix occult kabbah terminology throughout their work…it’s antichrist spirit soon NOAHIDES are coming

    1. He’s a snake alright. He’s also going hard at ministries like Israeli News Live and TruNews for exposing the truth. Sometimes I wonder if men like him are so blinded they don’t see the role they play as clearly as we with eyes to see do. GBU.

  3. David, please get in touch with @Jamesdcos on twitter or via his website http://www.thecampofsaints.com/
    He’s a staunch traditional Catholic man of God, and I think he would greatly appreciate your insights here. Would very much like to see a collaboration between you, him, and possibly also @PontificatorMaximus (aka Return to Tradition on YouTube).

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