The synagogue of Satan

The synagogue of Satan

This post is a transcript of the video by the same name.

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Many people will be enraged at the argument I’m making in this video and will accuse me of mindless hatred of the bleeps. I have to call them bleeps, because Google has teamed up with the ADL to develop an AI which identifies keywords such as ‘bleep’ and censors content they don’t like. That should tell you something. This video will no doubt get me accused of ‘anti-Semitism’, as though I’m motivated by some irrational Freudian hatred of a successful group because I’m too lazy to clean my room. Or something.

I would say though to people who are honestly interested in finding out the truth of these topics that they stop throwing labels around and we instead sit and reason together. That’s what God tells his people to do. If you’re a believer, search the scriptures. Jesus told us to be wise and warned us of deception in the Last Days. And it is my view that the most dangerous and deadly deception in the West today is Zionism, particularly Christian Zionism, and its mad push to start World War III against Muslims in the Middle East.

This isn’t just a matter for Christians, either. Events are now coming together in the Middle East which will affect the entire world.

This Christian Zionist zeal for Israel was on full display at the establishment of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14 this year.

Why May 14? Well, because it was exactly 70 years to the day since the Declaration of the State of Israel by David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organisation at the time. He would later go on to become Israel’s first prime minister. According to the Encyclopedia of Bleepish Magic, Myth and Mysticism, the number 70 is significant in the gematria, the system of occult numerology derived from the Bleepish Kabbalah. The number 70 in gematria symbolises the world.

This is no accident. The ceremony was a ritual. It even had its own sacrificial offering. If the moving of the embassy was blessed by God, why was it marred by a massacre?

Two pastors spoke at the ceremony. The first was a Baptist, Dr Robert Jeffress. The second was that fork-tongued son of hell, evangelical Pastor John Hagee. Their prayers contained several key deceptions. Jeffress stated that Israel points people to God. This should ring alarm bells for any Christian, as the Bible is clear that it is Jesus who points us to God. Jesus was adamant that anyone who denies the Son, which the bleeps do, cannot know the Father. This deception in Jeffress’ prayer was compounded when he repeated the tired Christian Zionist lie that God’s promises to Abraham were to the nation of Israel and the Bleepish people. This is one of the foundational deceptions of Christian Zionism. God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 22 was that “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed my voice.” In the Scofield Reference Bible, published a century ago with Rothschild money and distributed widely across America’s theological training schools, this word ‘seed’ was changed to ‘descendants’. Recent translations of the Bible have perpetuated this trick. It’s nonsense. Paul in Galatians 3:16 was clear: “Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. He does not say, “And to seeds,” as of many, but as of one, “And to your Seed,” who is Christ.” If these Christian Zionists read the New Testament they would know that there is no blessing for the bleeps while they remain outside of Jesus Christ. John Hagee’s prayer at the end of the opening ceremony was even more blasphemous. He didn’t even mention Jesus.

The modern state of Israel was not founded by God. God is bringing the Bleepish people back to the Holy Land prior the Last Days, but the Zionist entity which has been established in that land over the last century stands against Him and His purposes. The state of Israel was founded by the Luciferian banking family the Rothschilds as part of their plan for a globalist One World Order under their direct control. The symbol chosen for the state of Israel’s flag had been associated with the Rothschilds for centuries. It isn’t a ‘Star of David’. It’s the banner of Remphan, the god which, along with Moloch, idolatrous bleeps have worshipped for millennia. This isn’t my opinion. It’s from Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:23 in the Bible.

The Luciferian cabal driving this agenda are planning for a one-world system with its political, economic, technological and religious power centred in Greater Israel. There has been a steady transfer of technology to Israel in recent decades in preparation for this. It is a plan which was outlined clearly by David Ben-Gurion himself in 1962 in an interview with LOOK magazine. He foretold that by 1987, Jerusalem would become the centre of world government and religion and a world system would be created through a fusion of international capitalism and international socialism. His timing was off, but when we look at the machinations of the Zionist neocons in the US deep state and the trajectory of events in the Middle East, it is clear that this is where the world is headed.

This plan is part of bleepism’s messianic, end times beliefs. Just as Christianity and Islam have their prophetic beliefs about end times scenarios, so does bleepism. Orthodox bleeps believe that a moshiach (messiah) will appear on the scene at the End of Days, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, gather the bleeps from all over the world and bring all the earth under the dominion of the bleeps. A one-world religion will be created which will syncretise all the faiths, and there will be world peace and abundance after a period of warfare and turmoil.

Sound familiar? It should. The bleeps’ end times beliefs parallel those of Christianity, however the leader they call their messiah, we call the antiChrist. Many Christians are aware of the parallels between Islamic eschatology and Christian prophecy, yet remain blind to the true objectives behind the creation of Christian Zionism.

I’m sure some Christian Zionists will remain hostile to my argument. I know what their response will be, because I used to think that way myself. They will say how can bleepism be part of the antiChrist plan for Satanic control over the planet in the end times? The only difference between bleepism and Christianity is that they study only the Old Testament, and we study the New Testament, right?

Wrong. This is another dangerous delusion of Christian Zionism.

Bleepism is not at all Biblical. When pressed, both liberal and orthodox bleeps will assure the goy that bleepism is based on the law of Moses and the Bible. It’s not.

Rabbinic bleepism is based on the Babylonian Talmud. Bleepish rabbis believe that, at the same time as Moses was receiving the written law on Mt Sinai, the Sanhedrin, or group of elders, received the oral law at the base of the mountain. The oral law of the rabbis presents itself as a commentary upon the Torah and the Tenakh, what we call the Bible, however what it teaches has nothing to do with doctrines contained in the Bible.

This oral tradition became the religion of the Pharisees, which Jesus condemned during his ministry. It was this group, comprised of the rabbis of Israel, who murdered Jesus. When this was done, the bleeps cried out that the blood of Jesus should be on them. Christian Zionist pastors will distort this fact, and pin the blame on the Romans. No. The Bible is clear. It was the bleeps.

After the destruction of the temple and dispersal of the bleeps in 70AD, the Pharisee class worried that their oral law tradition would be lost. They decided to write down their oral law some time in the 3rd century AD, in what became known as the Mishnah. This compendium of rabbinic thought then generated another set of commentaries from the 6th century onward. These are known as the Gemara, and the two together form the Babylonian Talmud.

The true origin of this Talmud was not a revelation from God at Sinai. Its roots actually go back to the mystery religion of Babylon, taught to the bleepish priests during their captivity there. This is the spiritual and historical origin of all occult traditions in the West today. It is the origin of the Satanic religion of the cabal who rule the world. It’s where the pizzagate-style depravity of the Luciferian cabal originated.

This Babylonian Talmudic bleepism gave birth to all the occult secret societies which operate at the highest levels of society today. It was a rabbi, Sabbatae Zevi, who created in Turkey in the 17th century a messianic Judaic cult which practised the most disgusting and perverted rituals imaginable. His following grew to around a million, before it was outlawed by the sultan. He and his followers pretended to convert to Islam, but maintained Bleepish practices in secret. His cult was revived by Jacob Frank in the 1700s, another bleep who claimed to be the messiah, and who was teamed up with bleep Adam Weishaupt by bleep Mayer Amschel Rothschild to create the secret society known today as the Illuminati. These Talmudic and Kabbalistic doctrines were spread into Freemasonry and spawned a plethora of secret societies which still survive to this day. Members are usually initiated through families or at elite universities, and become puppets of the Luciferian money power to advance their agenda. This is why, whenever we investigate the practices of these Luciferian secret societies, we will find the Kabbalah. It is the mother of these abominations.

Many miss this, but the Bible is actually organised chronologically. Our period, the Church Age, is outlined in the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation. The rest of Revelation, for reasons I won’t go into here, covers the last 7 years prior to the return of Christ. In Revelation 2 and 3 the phrase ‘synagogue of Satan’ is used repeatedly to refer to those who call themselves bleeps, but are not, and in Revelation 11 the Lord tells us explicitly that Jerusalem is called spiritually Sodom and Gomorrah.

This is not an argument for hatred of the bleeps. They are themselves deceived and enslaved by their toxic religion. Our struggle is not with flesh and blood. It is a war of beliefs; a spiritual battle linked to a cosmic struggle between good and evil. Revelation warns us that throughout the Church Age, and particularly in the Last Days, bleepism will be the primary tool of Satan to bring about his plans. Like many Christians, Muslims and bleeps, I believe that time is imminent.

The blind trust that many in the West today have in bleeps and Israel is dangerously misplaced. There is no such thing as ‘Judeo-Christianity’. For as long as bleeps remain outside of Christ, they are hostile to him and his people. They are accursed. We must never give in to hatred or violence against these people who hate us so much, however. We must instead be wise, and prudent, and willing to speak the truth to others, no matter how dangerous. We must love our enemies. For if we don’t, then we’re just as bad as them.

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