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Top Israeli professor says anti-Semitism caused World War II

The leading Israeli scholar on the Holocaust, Yehuda Bauer, has told the Times of Israel that anti-Semitism was “probably mainly” responsible for World War II. “Anti-Semitism is a cancer that eats the world, and World War II is proof of that.” Professor Bauer made the comments in response to Polish President Andrzej Duda’s decision not…

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Utopian political idealism, or why the West’s gone mad

This piece appeared first on Pickering Post. I have fond memories of the Cold War. Probably because it coincided with my childhood. I remember seeing engorged commie missiles trundling across Red Square on our tiny TV in the corner of the living room on the nightly news, ready to disperse their toxic payload of death…


A shocking report published by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations this week has found that China has paid more 7000 ethnic Chinese scientists and other experts working in the US to hand over their research to the Chinese government. The program, known in China as the Thousand Talents Program (TTP), led to China…

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This piece appeared first on Pickering Post. War against Iran would be the wrong war at the wrong time against the wrong enemy in the wrong place for the wrong reasons. According to some conservatives, saying that makes me a leftist. Or a Muslim. Or a Nazi. Or all of them. It’s heresy. If we…

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Newfoundland still under snow during unprecedented Canadian blizzard

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador remains under a crippling deluge of snow after a record-breaking ‘bomb cyclone’ hit eastern Canada last week. The Canadian Armed Forces have been sent to assist the region as locals attempt to dig out from the inundation before another storm hits, according to local news outlet 660 City…

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First direct standoff between US & Russian troops occurs in Syria

US forces have blocked Russia troops from taking control of an oil field in Syria on Saturday, according to the Moscow Times. It is the first time US and Russian soldiers have engaged directly in the region, marking a significant escalation in tensions between the two nuclear powers The US has 11 bases and military…

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Shocking videos emerge of Wuhan outbreak

The fast-moving coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, now dubbed 2019-nCoV by authorities, has now spread to eight countries according to ABC News. At this stage, seven Chinese cities remain under quarantine. The total population under emergency lockdown is now greater than the population of Australia, as Chinese authorities rush to prevent the…

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Doctors warn China coronavirus carriers may show no symptoms

A team of eminent doctors published a report in Friday’s edition of The Lancet medical journal which found that persons may be infected with the China coronavirus without presenting any symptoms. Such patients were described in the report as ‘afebrile’, a medical term indicating no fever or outward signs of sickness. The authors of the…

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Chinese shoppers begin stripping Sydney shelves of health, medical supplies

Disturbing images have emerged on social media of empty supermarket shelves in the Sydney CBD as shoppers clear them out of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitiser and face masks. Credit: Dave Lee Credit: Dave Lee Credit: Dave Lee The images were uploaded on the evening of January 27, and follow on from images of Chinese supermarkets…

Snow in Dubai, Saudi Arabia as wild weather strikes globally

A powerful storm has brought sub-zero temperatures and widespread snowfall to parts of the Middle East. The unseasonably cold weather has led to spectacular images of camels navigating snow and ice in the usually hot, sandy region. The same storm system that caused flooding in Europe and deadly snow in Afghanistan and Pakistan yielded this…