You Have No Rights

Modern man has many delusions, some more pernicious than others. Surely one of the foggiest and most dangerous beliefs that pertain in our wretched age is that foundational doctrine of liberalism: that men have rights.

This dogmatic belief is so widely held and so rarely noticed that its consequences are invisible to most. They are everywhere, though. We see it in the entitled mentality of aggrieved minorities, who demand that statues of old ‘racists’ be removed from universities. The noisy brownish brats clamouring for such historical revisionism would be shocked, shocked at the charge that they are just asserting another form of ethnic supremacy. Ultimately, their arguments would fall back on the fallacy that they have a right to not be offended by historical iconography.

We see the rights mentality in the venal self-interest of voter blocs who feel justified in using the force of the state to steal from the productive and prudent to fund their indolence or rapacity. Why not squeeze out another malformed cabbage and leave it to fend for itself among its predatory siblings? Guvmint will send you more free money for your drive thru and narcotics. Their political rivals are the lazy cartelists, who rather than create productive businesses have long since latched on to government regulation as the way to secure their unearned economic rents. The election spectacles we endure every few years are in essence a bun fight between the syndromic underclass and the crony capitalist overclass to determine which will get to sink its teeth deeper into the jugulars of the dwindling industrious wage slaves. Yay democracy.

But I digress. Let me wipe the flecks of rage from my screen and get back on track.

Rights don’t exist. They are a figment which are endured by the powerful until they no longer wish to. ‘Human’ rights are of course a sham, as they are granted to us proles by governments and shadowy globalist organisations like that club of dictators, the UN. They’re a statist ploy. Yet even natural rights rest on a foundation of faith that requires the permission of people with guns. Rights are dependent on the good graces of the powerful; and rights that require permission are no rights at all.

Beyond being only a harmless fiction, moreover, the modern Western faith in rights has provided a very unhelpful framework for morality. Any relationship based on the concepts of rights and obligations is a cold one, and will always degenerate into a power struggle. Where is love, when the minimum standards for behaviour are what I have to do and what I can get away with? Even the most empty and heartless narcissist can meet those requirements. What type of life is that?

So if rights are a sham, then what basis is there for human conduct? It’s not like me to propose solutions, but this time I’m going to break my rule. Service is the proper basis for human relations. To correct that collectivist Kennedy: Ask not what others should do for you, but instead what you can do for others. It is the key to leadership.